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  1. Wiizzy

    Hydrocraft Mod

    That was a fast update, love it Hydro! Any thoughts on changing the way mining works when the new underground system comes out ? Couldn't play Pz without Hydrocraft anymore, good work!
  2. Okay, so when I copy the Zombie folder over my zomboid zombie folder my game loads up with a main menu, so no options are avaliable but the background still shows, any ideas ? -TGG EDIT: Does this not working in the IWBUMS branch ?
  3. Wiizzy

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey Hydro, Is the rabbit distribution changed ? I can't seem to find rabbits in corn fields now... ? Loving where the Mod is going, I'd love to help you out but I'm not use for graphics lol Hope you get the 2x tiles sorted and the new burning from furnaces. I also think some things need balancing, such as the amount that mining, gathering flora and bug catching makes you tired.. -TGG
  4. Well, can I say I fixed it, If it was a problem in the first place. I successfully got all the maps to load by : Finding the workshop map files in: Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600; Opening the Games map files here: Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\maps Back them up ! Next, In the maps folder, alongside Muldraugh, KY, WestPoint, KY and Challenge Maps folders, I created a new folder named for each map mod I have installed: e.g TheWalkingDeadPrison, South Muldraugh, NewDenver Next, from each map mod, copy all of the lotheader, chunkdata bin files and all of the lotpack files to the Muldraugh, KY folder, overwriting all of conflicts. The remaining files (description.txt, map.info, objects.lua, spawnpoints.lua & thumb.png) from each of the mods should be copied into the corresponding folders we created here: Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\maps The last step is to open the Muldraugh, KY folder, edit the map.info and add each of the maps folders to the lots list, separated by semi colons ; e.g lots=West Point, KY; BedfordFalls; Downtown(connected); Louisiana; NewDenver; Phoenix; Rebuild; South Muldraugh; TheWalkingDeadPrison Thanks for the assistant and especially to kg2018 and Nomis who helped me figure this one out, and after about 2/3 months it's nice to see 3400+ buildings loading in! Thanks again -TGG EDIT - I noticed that the objects files were not loading, so I came up with an Idea to merge all of the separate map mod's objects files into one objects file in the muldraugh folder and that seems to have worked. So merging the objects files with the one in the muldraugh folder then that should allow you to forage in the community maps
  5. Thankyou for the responses gentlemen, I will get around to trying out these methods and will report back. Hopefully we can get a guide together for this ... . -TGG
  6. I'm confused EP, I watch Nomis plays on Youtube, he usies multiple map mods (New denver, bedford, dreadwood ect) all on single player. I understand some of the maps aren't connected, but maps such as the one's started should be connected. And I was aware that turning on the mod would allow that map to be used when loading a new game. I should in theory be able to: turn all mod maps on (atleast those that do connect) start a new game and travel between the activated map mods, such as from New Denver to the prison... I'm like 99% sure this is the case, please correct me if I am wrong... Also I use the PZ map from Blindcoder... And Previously have travelled between multiple community maps for example from Denver to the walking dead prison and to Rebuild.... So I'm confused as to what your reply is stating here.... Yes I know there are some maps that aren't connected to muldraugh and west point, but the maps that are connected, when activated in the mods menu, should combine... correct ? - The Googlator
  7. Okay Enima, I tried that, I just used the console, and havn't launched the game but I can see there is an issue. The console : Looks like it cannot find the map files.... It's looking in the media/maps folder.... ? I only have the challengemaps, Muldraugh, KY & West Point, KY folders here. Are the maps supposed to be here in their separate folders ? I did try copying the map files here before but deleted again as it didn't fix the issue... Thanks for the continued support - The Googlator
  8. Thanks Enigma, I'll try this out and see if I get any luck, but note, I am looking to getting the issue fixed for single player too. It seems like when starting a game it's just not looking at the workshop/installed maps at all, only loading objects from the spawn and classic maps. Thankyou again for the assistance, I'll let you know if this lets me host with all of the maps, hopefully then we may be one step closer to fixing it. - The Googlator
  9. Just another piece of information on this is I can join multiplayer servers with all maps enabled and I have no issues there. I've also tried copying all of the mods to the zomboid/mods folder which now makes the mods menu on Zomboid show 2 of each mod, one workshop and the zomboid/mods copy. Still does not load the other maps. I've also tried hosting a steam a server, and from what I've read to enable mods/maps on the steam dedicated server, you must have the mods in the zomboid/mods folder, which also failed to load any of the community maps on the server. Tried copying all mods to the steamapps/common/Projectzomboid/mods folder, tried copying all maps to steamapps/common/Projectzomboid/media/maps, no luck there. Verified integrity of cache, 1 fail, still no fix. In the cmd when loading a save it loads the object file from the map I spawned in from the steamapps/workshop folder, where all the other community maps are too. I'm running out of things to try... somehow help me please !!! - The Googlator
  10. Okay, so I've done some more testing here as I really want these maps to load; I've tried both on the IWBUMS branch, and the current build - Both with no result... I've tried disabling all mods and enabling individual maps, spawning in Muldraugh and re-loading to see if the game has loaded any additional buildings, but each time just says 1008 (which I believe is the number of buildings in the base game map) My steam app is not installed in the default location of C:Program files (could that possible affect where PZ is looking for the maps?) Again, If I spawn in one of the community maps it will load that map and the base game map but not other maps. .... Please help me?! I have considered manually installing all of the maps, but I've avoided doing so as far as the whole point is to have the steam workshop working correctly . Thankyou in advance -The Googlator
  11. Thanks for the reply EG, Done exactly as you asked, although no errors were in the console. I started a new game, (tried phoenix this time), as stated no errors, but no graphics loaded. I had my HUD, but other than that the map was black, but objects still existed (as right clicking brought up an option to 'smash window'). Here's the console if it helps: http://imgur.com/m4d16cI Also, you were not specific on whether starting a new game was what you wanted, or whether to continue with a previous save, and neither did you mention how long to play for, ignoring the fact the map didn't load in. Also, just to note, the mods I am using are as follows: Bedford falls Cheat menu Convenient bags Drayton Hydrocraft More zombie loot New Denver Phoenix South Muldraugh The walking dead prison. I have not tried running the game with different mods activated, so will disable all mods and only enable the map mods to see if anything is conflicting. Thanks again for the reply Keep me posted - The Googlator
  12. Hey all, I've recently changed laptop, and re-downloaded PZ (which I must say has been made very easy, including the workshop downloads). Everything seems fine, the game boots (33.20 [steam]). All mods are showing in the Mods section of the main menu. I can start a new game, spawn into any of the maps (excluding south muld that just throws up an error and closes the game). I have successfully spawned in New denver, Walking dead prison and in Drayton. The problem is, it seems, only the base game map and the spawn map load in. For example, If I spawn in New Denver and travel to the Walking dead prison, the prison will not be loaded, similarly, if I spawn in the Walking dead prison, and travel to New Denver, ND will not be loaded. No idea why this is happening, Hopefully I'm doing something wrong... Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to play the game with all the community maps installed. Thanks - The Googlator
  13. Hi Guys, I've been following PZ since it was in its early days, and may I say it's certainly coming on. It's not often I find myself on forums but tonight I feel (after playing PZ for a few hours), my time to make some suggestions has come. So far I am enjoying the PZ experience as I am totally into Survival RPG games, and as far as I'm concerned this is the only legitimate Zombie simulator, so thankyou to the Indy Stone team for continuing their efforts on this game, Thumbs up guys!! Now, onto some suggestions... I apologise if anything here has already been covered in previous threads; First and foremost, whilst playing PZ I usually hold up in the Large warehouse to the north of Muldraugh. This just so happens to get very cold at night... And currently I cannot find any other warmer clothing than a Sweater, Pants and shoes... Are we going to see coats (protection from rain), hiking boots and equipment? etc... Another small point is perhaps clothing and footwear should slowly wear out, giving use to ALL the other clothing in game. I'm sure I had seen sleeping bags mentioned somewhere, but perhaps these could be found in the world and crafted from a few sheets, a pillow, a needle and thread (which I've also seen mentioned, I believe needle and thread are already being added in game). Bleeding: When a player is bleeding and is not bandaged, it would make sense for them to leave a visual trail of blood... this could be used to track down other players... Stop this by bandaging the wound. Trails should be removable with cleaning items. I would also suggest adding this into the hunting section for tracking animals when that gunshot doesn't deliver a fatal blow.. (are you adding deers etc?) I have heard that RJ is working on the firearms and has been working on attachments.. I'm just wondering if a silencer has been considered... Kinda important... but again, hard if not impossible to craft these items would be RARE! PLEASE reduce the amount for PAINT spawns! Seriously... it's ridiculous how much paint I have! (which I will never use! Good idea though ) Have the team taken into consideration about Illnesses? I mean catching a cold will make you sneeze etc, have you thought at all about belching and passing wind after eating? Random coughs perhaps... You know, that situation where your hiding in the closet as a heard of hungry zeds pass through the house, your absolutely terrified and what do you know.. out comes a little toot... phew! HATS! Yes, Hats.... where are all the hats!? Aches and Pains? Presumably from running a lot. I know this fits closely with fatigue but I think the pain of hurting feet could be a big issue, maybe stress the player out and most noticeably slows the players run and walk speed.... I know this was already refused... but hygiene... seriously guys... no hygiene? MUSIC! This should be one of the major forms of stress relief! Find an old CD player and some CDs? An IPOD perhaps, maybe even a MP3 player! With the use of batteries and headphones this would muffle all sound but would be very relaxing. DRUGS! What else in the world would YOU do during a zombie apocalypse? I know you guys are looking at a season system in which to implement the cold weathers of winter and the hot sticky sun of the summer... I just wanted to point out the fact of walking sounds and tracks. If you implement snowing, footprints MUST follow along with the AWESOME sound snow makes under your feet. Also in the autumn, you'd have the problem of those pesky leave crushing under your feet. POCKETS! HAS ANYONE THOUGHT OF POCKETS? For example your character may be able to carry SO much in weight... but where the hell does he put 400 nails when all he is wearing is underwear...? Following this point perhaps your 'Naked' char should only be able to carry so many items... but when wearing clothes adds a higher limit to the number of items the player could carry. Thus limiting the weight and number of items a player can carry... logical? HAIR! Has anyone considered the fact hair grows.... PUT A USE TO THE INGAME RAZOR !? That said I'm sure there are many other suggestions I could bore you with, but as it's 4:10am I think I'll leave it here. Please leave me some feedback and again apologies if some of this content has already been covered in other threads. Finally, I would just like to say that you guys at the Indy Stone ROCK! You have created a masterpiece from scratch and despite the world taking a keen interest in zombies, you guys have made the ONLY zombie game which comes close to actual zombie survival. Well done! - Wiizzy (PZ Fan - Survivor)
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