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Found 5 results

  1. Actually, it's not really a mistake. Maybe I just made a few mistakes in the game myself. I just want the developers to pay attention to it. I play without mods on 41.78. Fight in the forest. A zombie is coming towards me, a tree is between us. He is alone, nothing distracts me, I know the range and range of my homemade spear. So I calmly wait for him to hit when he is in range and calmly go on. A zombie enters the crown of the tree that separates us. I stop seeing him, but I know that he is there and that he is walking slower than he walked before. I wait a second and hit the crown of the tree with a spear, while according to my calculations I have to hit a zombie, but I don't hit a zombie, and after another half a second he will attack me, appearing from the crown of the tree where I just hit. It should be noted that I have played PZ for several thousand hours, I am quite good at killing zombies in this game and have killed many tens of thousands of zombies with different weapons all the time. In this regard, the question. Does a zombie lose its physical properties by disappearing from view in the crown of a tree? Am I still not calculating the impact time correctly?
  2. Hello there!~ I have a small bug - a question. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to work like this? When a character damages one hand (no matter which, left or right hand) - all of his melee attacks and firearm shooting deteriorate in effectiveness. I was playing PZ 30 minutes ago and noticed this oddity, when my character was scratched in the left hand (and he fought back with the right hand), then his blows became weaker. Even the painkillers didn't help, completely covering the pain. It was a character who had just had a good night's sleep. At the time of the battle, he did not want to eat, drink, was not afraid (took adrenoblockers). Interested, I went to "test" this bug. Created a new character, disabled all mods (except for the creative mod) and ... yes. The character breaks the window with his left hand - so he gets a wound on the left hand (not always, yep). The left hand is not used in attacks with a single handed melee weapon... So, here's what I got: With a wounded left hand - from 3 to 6 blows with a katana, holding it in the right hand. With a healthy left hand - from 1 to 3 blows with a katana, holding it in the right hand. Is this how it should work? Maybe when a character produces these sudden movements, it greatly hinders the wound on his arm that just hangs around and does not participate in the battle with zed? I don't think it works that way, but maybe I'm wrong. I can upload a video demonstrating this little illogic. I'm just a little disappointed, because my character is lost (he was bitten) due to the fact that his combat effectiveness has fallen and he was not able to give a proper fight back to the four zeds :с Thank you for your attention!~
  3. Fight with your friend or a random opponent in Multiplayer mode or complete six challenging levels in Single Player mode. Get it from Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thoughtshastra.kungfufightinggame Game Features:Single and Multiplayer game modes Choose and customise your fighter Create your own combo moves Complete 6 challenging levelsGame Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n2xTVV-o1Y Be part of the kung fu community on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/kungfuglory/
  4. So we were having this discussion (that is semi-related to this suggestion) about how right now the fighting mechanics seem a little unbalanced (too easy). My suggestion to help balance this would be to have weapon maximum damage and a weapon minimum damage. No, I do not think that you should deal a random damage between these ranges. Instead, I think as your weapon condition decreases the damage it does decreases. You wouldn't have constant damage from an axe as it is used more and more. Instead, the axe blade would begin to become dull and deal a little less damage. The only weapons I could really see this effecting much is bladed weapons. This could also have a slight (very minimal) effect on guns also, as they would build up residue and degrade over use causing the bullets to come out slightly slower. Considering blunt objects, I don't really see how they would degrade to cause less damage (but if someone can rationalize it, I'm all for it). Link to discussion mentioned in the first sentence: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7990-these-not-so-scary-zombies/page-2#entry105393
  5. Was tossing around the idea of having zombies spawn hands as loot, then you could use those hands with sheets to line the insides or something after you clean the gunky flesh from the hands. These hands could be equipped like gloves and could be used for unarmed combat (using knife animation), also getting the knife jaw stab kill move, but have very short range and they would wear out very quick. Things I would hopefully like to see in it in lua, so this will be my first workings with lua.. Using them can cause infection, especially when you have open or bandaged wounds, to you and to any non-zombie survivor you attack with them.Using them with germ freak survivors would either not work or make you very sick while and long after using them, hardened survivors would be more tolerant.Using them or having them equipped will make other (npc) survivors automatically hate you. Thoughts anyone?
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