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Found 3 results

  1. Hello community. I just got off Project Zomboid playing the Endless Winter Challenge map, and I was thinking about some stuff. The game is great as it is, but I see a few flaws in it... Safty in the woods: Lets say you take a walk through the woods and find a nice opening where you can construct a base. Fast forward a few days, and you manage to self sustain youself. Zombies cant get to you, and the game ultimately ends up being boring after 2 in-game months of tending to plants and existing. So here's the idea: what if their was wildlife. (Yes, i know that their basically already is wildlife, but keep reading...) For example, wildlife like Bears can knock down your walls and caus a commotion. The bear could then consume your plants, and then go for you. This would be a pain in the neck, but such events would be rare. Perhaps a pack of wolves, wandering through the forest would stumble across your compound in the middle of the night. They would be scripted to howl - which would attract hordes of zombies toward you location. No End: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've all heard it. "Whats the point in playing the game if you cant win it.". I propose a new gamemode: "Story Mode". In this mode, you get two characters to choose from (one female, one male) with two differant starting points. One in West point, the other in the second city. The story is that the two characters are ingaged, and are for some reason seperated. Blah blah blah, the infection hits, and the military come to help. As one of the characters, your goal is to try to reach your loved one. Since the two locations are very far away, it would take a few in-game weeks to reach the targeted city. First few days, your town is occupied by the military. After two days, zombies are scripted to overun the military in your city. Thats when all the civilian, and military NPC's slowly start turning into zombies one by one, until your the only one left by day 7. Erosion would be very fast. After two weeks, most roads would be cracked and covered in grass, shrubs, etc. The game would end with you finding out your loved one has been looking for you too, and is back where you started. Idk, along the way, you would encounter military forts and bases setup. Some hostile, others abandoned. The game would start out as something easy, and then drastically escalate into the "6 months later" difficulty. Its a pretty cool idea. No Seasons: Well, yeah. Theirs not much to emphasize on this. Perhaps a looping system of seasons that go from summer, to fall to winter. Trees and shrubs would alternate from one texture to another according to the seasons. Boats: We know that cars are soon coming, but what about sea-based vehicles? The concept is that their would be boats floating around near the shore. You can wade into the water about waist deep and board the boats, not as a vehicle, but almost as a movable structure. Its only when you activate the boat and pilot it, does it act like a vehicle and move. Driving a boat slowly consumes gas (Which cannot be replenished), and if you run out of fuel in the middle of the lake, you better hope the boat drifts close enough to land. Also, if you were to walk off the edge of the boat, your character would drown. You can only be in water at a certian distance from the shore. Differant types of Zombies: Gameplay would be much better if their were more types of zombies. Think of military personnel that would have been converted. They would wear armor and helmets, making them really hard to take down with pistols and shotguns. For these types of zombies, you would have to get up close and personnel to stick an axe into that helmet. Fat zombies, that can take a few more shots and bashes then the regular old zombies. Could be found in diners and malls, where their was lots of meat to eat... Fire that spreads: Ever have a zombie chase you through a burning building, and then you had thst zombie catch on fire? If that zombie stops chasing you, and then walks over a few corpses, or through a bush, those corpses and bushes dont catch fire. I believe fire should spread. If the forest catches fire, then the fire would spread a few dozen cells, and then stop. Fire shouldnt be OP, but it should be taken into consideration as a larger threat. Cannibalism: Yeah... Having the option to eat other healthy people may sound wrong, but it can help you survive in multiplayer and the proposed "Story Mode" gamemodes. Well, those are my thoughts. Tell me what you think should be in the game. Do you agree with me? Should their be a mod with all of this in it?
  2. VASH581


    With the vihecles on the way, I think it will be pretty cool if we add some abandoned boats in the docks. Obviously you're still trapped in the map and can't escape but at least boats will provide some fun experience especially for fishermans. Right now I have 3 ideas: paddling boats, motor boats and houseboats. Paddling boat is pretty straight forward. You need 2 paddles in both hands, sit in the boat, and paddle them. You'll exaust pretty quick, but it requires no gasoline. Motor boat and houseboat require gasoline, but it's faster and require no paddle. There are beds in the houseboat so you can sleep on it without worry about zombies since zombies can't swim. The disadvantages are that you may get seasick on the boat and since not everyone is a sailer, the boat will occasionally not go to the designed direction or lose control. Sometimes boats will even leak water and you'll sink in the bottom of the lake if you don't return to the shore. I hope you like it!
  3. I couldn't find an appropriate section in maps for suggestions, so I'll post this here hoping the right person will read it. I have an idea for a challenge map sort of scenario. Instead of working within a town or city area, what about being the sole survivor on a cruise liner? Seems kinda quirky, but within a little different parameters, i think it would be worth a play-through. A few things would be key differences, there wouldn't be trees, but I'm sure that you could get more than enough planks from the hundreds of doors and furnishings on board...likewise saws wouldn't likely be on board a ship, but hammers certainly would. Nails could be find (not sure if accurate, but for sake of gameplay, why not?) Farming probably wouldn't happen either, same for trapping (maybe rats) or fishing (could probably mod proper equipment to fish, but i wouldn't want to stand around on the deck of an infested cruise liner watching a bobber). You would have to rely on raiding cabins and the kitchens. The game would likely be shorter...rather than months, you could probably survive for a couple weeks. Zombies would be fixed in number, and not respawn, but the much closer quarters would imply that chances of being caught and overrun would be greater. Since the number is fixed, you could conceivably kill all the zombies and 'win.' This may be controversial, but the whole map is a shot in left field, so there you go. Obviously this would involve a whole construct of new sprites, and is a huge order coming from someone who has no experience, knowledge, or time for the matter. But this is just an idea that I had that I wanted to share. This is obviously a talented community, and maybe the right person would come along.
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