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  1. Cool ideas! Definitely will make killing zombies more rewarding! I also have some new ideas as well! Paramedic zombies Carry first aid kits like band-aids or alcohol wipe, sometimes carry antibiotic, beta blockers, suture needle or other rare medical supplies. Hunter zombies Carry ammo, water, beef jerky and stuff. Sometimes carry hunting rifles, animal traps, wild eggs and live/dead animals. (He got infected while carrying game.)
  2. Antibiotics (When NPC are added in the game) Based on the flash game Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 Your family, along with a group of friendly farmers, has managed to secure and fortified that big farm with a well. The crops are growing nicely and you have plenty of weapons and bullets. It's seems as though you can survive happily ever after... All too soon you realized things wasn't that simple. A deadly plague has spread across the farm and without antibiotics, everyone will be wiped out within days. You are the only one who's still healthy enough to travel so the fate of this safe heaven now lies in your hand... This scenarios is like an RPG. You start at the farm NW of Muldraugh. The farm has some supply and weapons for you to take but every firendly NPCs there except you have sick moodle that can only be cured by antibiotics. Your mission is to travel between cities, bring back as much antibiotics as possible and cure the disease. Most of the drug store only has little to none antibiotics left but there will be quests that reward you with large amount of antibiotics. The loot you found other than antiboitics could also help you with these quest. Here are some quests ideas: 1. Somewhere in Muldraugh you'll find a crash car surrounded by zombies. After clearing them you can rescue an injured NPC. He will tell you he's from a survivor group live in GIGA mart. If you treat his injuries, find a new car to carry him and drive him all the way back to GIGA mart the group will reward you with antibiotics. Good choice if you're profession is a doctor or a driver. 2. The prisoners has taken over the prison and turn it into raider camp, with large amount of medical supply stored in it. There will be hostile NPC armed with variety of weapons roaming the prison and the town near it. You can choose to stealth kill them, get in gun-blazing or place a noice-maker at specific spot, attracting a massive zombie horde to the prison and snatch the med during chaos. Good choice if you're combat related profession or an engineer who can make noice-makers and bombs. 3. You meet a group of neutral NPC who set up a base in the town SW of Muldraugh (I don't know its name). They want to contact the military with the communication system their electrician built. The problem is the said electrician died and no one else know how to use the generator. They also need a radio to finish the system and they need to defend thier base and couldn't leave. First you need to install the generator for them, then you need to get them them a working radio either by finding one or making one. Once it's done the'll reward you with antibiotics. Good choice if you're an electrician. There could also be some random NPC who will trade you small amount of antibiotics with all kinds of stuff like food or weapons.
  3. Here are my suggestions... AA-12! (I'm a bit surprised that I can't find anyone suggesting it. Or is it too OP?) M110 SASS (7.62x51 NATO) 10 or 20 round magazine DTA HTI (50. BMG) 10 round magazine Shorter and lighter than M82, more suitable for civilian Remington MSR (.338 Lapua Magnum) 5 or 10 round magazine A new cartridge with the firepower between 7.62x51 NATO and 50. BMG Barrett MRAD (.338 Lapua Magnum) 10 round magazine 2012 rifle of the year by NRA
  4. Hello everyone! With electrician and generator being added, I have come up with this crazy idea: adding an abandoned hydroelectric power plant that can be reactivated! Muldraugh is too flat to build a dam, so the power plant I'm talking about is Run-of-the-river type of hydroelectricity(The type you see in The Last of Us). It can be located on the riverside far from the city. In order to repair it you need a bounch of player/NPC electricians and a lot of electronic parts. After successfully repair the hole structure, the electricians can then operate the facility and started to generate a steady supply of electricity. It require a large crew to operate and occationally require maintaining with electronic parts. I think it will make the game more interesting not only because you need no fuel to generate electricity but it also encourage banding with people/NPC or raiding this place. It can also serve as an achievement for the long term survivors.
  5. Hype for expolsive! Once expolsion is officially added, I can imagine some awesome modders will start to make landmines and rocket launchers...
  6. Right now we have 2 kinds of powerful rifle rounds that are capable of one-shoting a zombie. Unfortunatly, both of them can still only hit one zombie per shot just like 9mm round, making it almost impossible to clear a horde with that slow hunting rifle unless sniping from the roof. In real life, .223 FMJ and .308 FMJ can easily pierce through human body without losing too much momentum. So my idea is that when a .223/.308 bullet hit someone, there's a chance for it to penetrate the target and hit anyone behind it as well. I think it's not too OP and will make it a bit easier at clearing a horde.
  7. You know you play too much Project Zomboid when you're trying to find Spiffo in toy shops.
  8. VASH581


    Sorry, I should have make it clear. First, when I say sink in the botton I mean you will drown, you just simply die so there's no need to make some "underwater" map. Second, if you ever have an experience you will know that climbing on the boat without any help is much more difficult than climbing through the fence. So I think even if zombies can float near your boat, they can never climb up and bite you. As for the floating base, don't forget about water. You can only collet tainted water from the lake and you can't start a campfire on the boat! Just this along will force you to leave your boat quiet frequently. And there's a chance that a boat will leak and sink, killing you on the bed.
  9. VASH581


    With the vihecles on the way, I think it will be pretty cool if we add some abandoned boats in the docks. Obviously you're still trapped in the map and can't escape but at least boats will provide some fun experience especially for fishermans. Right now I have 3 ideas: paddling boats, motor boats and houseboats. Paddling boat is pretty straight forward. You need 2 paddles in both hands, sit in the boat, and paddle them. You'll exaust pretty quick, but it requires no gasoline. Motor boat and houseboat require gasoline, but it's faster and require no paddle. There are beds in the houseboat so you can sleep on it without worry about zombies since zombies can't swim. The disadvantages are that you may get seasick on the boat and since not everyone is a sailer, the boat will occasionally not go to the designed direction or lose control. Sometimes boats will even leak water and you'll sink in the bottom of the lake if you don't return to the shore. I hope you like it!
  10. It would be pretty awesome if I can make twine out of it because I need it to fix my snare traps and stick traps.
  11. Since every tree in this game are pine trees or something like that, it make sense if we can find some pine cones or acorns or some other nuts when foraging, right? Just think it as a salty, nonperishable version of berriy. Can be eaten directly or added in the pie or cake. Can be used to trap squirrels. I hope you like it!
  12. I always want to make a zombie pit! I've heard that the basement will be added to the game, once added we can simple destroy the stairs, escape with sheet rope and push the zombies downstairs. Unless zombies can dig a tunnel by banging their heads against dirt, they can never escape.
  13. [n] Playing as a zombie Wut? But in the PZ Updates > IWBUMS: Build 31 it says: Player will now revive as a zombie after being infected and dead. Follow your character and becoming part of a new hord and slaughter other poor players! (or being killed...Again...Urg)
  14. Hi, thanks for making this cool mod. I just came up with a new idea, a new usage of Marijuana: Hemp Fiber! For non-smokers, Marijuana is also a good sorce for sturdy but cheap fiber. In real life you just need to get some stems, remove the periderm, dry them, squeeze them with something like rolling pin, and boom, hemp fiber is complete. I think it will be pretty cool if this mechanism is in the game because that way I can make my own rope, twine or even sheet for crafting and repairing! Isn't that awesome? Hope you like my idea.
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