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  1. killerline


    Dimmsdale ================================================= PROJECT SHUTDOWN! Sorry but this would take too long time to make with this few staff (me and friend here) and it just happened that me and my friend isn't friends anymore. Sorry and thanks for all the votes and replies
  2. Purpose: This mod will allow users to choose from a list of objectives, goals, or scenarios that the players must complete after creating a new game. Idea: I was thinking that myself and others may want to start a project zomboid game server with a twist. Instead of creating a sandbox survival server, I would host a once-a-week session (kind of like a role-play thing) where players would be put into a situation that they must resolve. This would require scripting out different scenarios into a mod, so I figured - Why not release this mod? I will try to keep this mod as light as possible b
  3. I want to make a make like whit an ambient from the movie I am Legend so only that you start you go to have water and electricity only if you desactivate , but the food will not be rotten :S so it detracts from its realism. I am working in this map like 7 or 9 hour in a week but i love to make it here some Pictures from the map I go to use some buildings from other creators Spoiler Trash Collection Inside New* Spoiler A abandoned House *Before *After Spoiler Abandoned Shop Spoiler Jail From DoctahWong's b
  4. okamixxx

    Make Shift Mod

    Please leave recommendations as what else to add/ change it will help me balance the mod also I am looking for a better artist my stuff is ok but I want this to be a high quality mod just noticed a new version of project zomboid came out I will make an updated version compatible with the newest version tomarrow Planned chisel: will be used to craft items stone: will be used to make tools stone Axe head: recipe = chisel + stone handle: Recipe = stick+ kichen knife stone axe recipe: handle, stoneAxe head,SheetRope, nails spade: will give the ablity to dig dirt Dirt-Bag: will have same u
  5. In a post apocalyptic wasteland where potatoes have rebelled against the humans, it is your job to crush the rebel uprising. Potato Warfare is a top-down two dimensional game, where you control a tank and fight 7(and counting) variations of the most deadly vegetable: the potato. Build factories, collect ketchup for health, upgrade your guns, and buy automatic turrets to reclaim earth. Enjoy yourself with a game that does not take itself too seriously. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3r4gs6ye4r5tfzm/Potato_Warfare.exe Remember that I just began developing this game, and there remains a
  6. I am just like you, I like games that provide a unique challenge and build skills I don't normally use. That is why I created Merchant Tycoon. Merchant Tycoon is a very challenging game that is like 4 way realtime chess with a vibrant terrain filled with natural resources, marketplace, and an alliance system. It will force you to use strategies you have never used! Merchant Tycoon is designed to maximize the frequency and complexity of interactions with other HUMAN players. Merchant Tycoon is about negotiating, bartering, and your relationships with other players. From the very beginning to t
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