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  1. Purpose: This mod will allow users to choose from a list of objectives, goals, or scenarios that the players must complete after creating a new game. Idea: I was thinking that myself and others may want to start a project zomboid game server with a twist. Instead of creating a sandbox survival server, I would host a once-a-week session (kind of like a role-play thing) where players would be put into a situation that they must resolve. This would require scripting out different scenarios into a mod, so I figured - Why not release this mod? I will try to keep this mod as light as possible by only adding what is necessary for a scenario and not changing anything from the vanilla game. Hopefully this will allow the mod to work with almost any other mods that add to project zomboid. Progress: I have experience programming (LWJGL and Java included) so I'm getting familiar with the way things work in the PZ code and the lua side of things. I'm working on a list of different scenarios to script. So far, the first scenario is a simple rescue - Players must find a radio and batteries, wait for contact from the military (configurable amount of time ?) and eventually fight their way to an extraction point while remaining unbitten. Obviously still waiting on some planned features to be implemented in PZ, but no big deal!
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