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Found 3 results

  1. So with generators coming out soon. I have been tossing this idea to my group of PZ friends. What I think can be added is a whole expanded "power system" to the game with the generators. I.E. Power storage, alternative power, and other items used with power. Realistic, when setting up a generator a person would want the ability to store the power and use for later long term. here are some things I think would make sense. Power Storage: Small Power Storage Box( or whatever better name can be found) - Maybe have to need to have 6 batteries, 1 Wire, 3 Planks, and 2 Nails to make. This will hold a small amount of charge from your generator to use when you need to NOT make any sound. Large Power Storage Box - Needs 3 Car Batteries or 10 batteries, 1 Wire, 3 Planks, and 2 Nails. This is hold more power than the small box. Building two or more power boxes next each other will stack the storage ability you have. Must be indoors? Alternative Power Sources: Small/Large Solar Panels - These panels will only generate a small amount of power per panel and will only work during the day. The panels will be required to be cleaned every few days, which uses 1 sheet or something similar. This is something that might be hard to add. I was thinking of a few ways. 1. first would be having new items that can be found to make this. Like glass, solar film, or something. OR 2. Make it where there are panels on some roofs of houses or buildings. The player then needs to craft a ladder to get on the roof and disassemble said panels. I would make the panels heavy to move, maybe weigh 9 or 10 Small Windmill - These are similar to the ones you find on Amish houses. The windmill will be like solar panels, where they will generate small amount of power. However they will work all the time but will require maintenance every few days. The windmills will need to be placed on a pole or on top of a roof. These can be like the solar panels where they can be found or built. Fuel cell Generator (instead of natural gas piped in, uses propane) - You see these more and more these today with newer houses and large companies going GREEN. For the game I would see these working with propane and generate close to the same amount of energy as the regular generator. So the player will need to find propane tanks around the map and can fill propane tanks at Large propane storage tanks. You would find these tanks at the groceries store. Other Uses for power: Just some ideas... Power tools: - Electric Chain Saw for cutting down trees. This can be used instead of your axe, saving your axe for fighting the dead. Maybe cut ten trees or less then needs to be charged. Maybe add a Powered Drill that can used with screws to make everything the hammer and nails make plus a expanded list of other items. Cold Storage: - Having the ability to turn on your fridge or maybe move fridges around. Like disassemble a fridge with the Power Drill and reassemble it where you want. Central Air/Heating: - Being able to cool your self off or heating your self to increase happiness or help with outside temps. Water pump: - Building and adding a water pump to your house so that the shower/facets works. These are just some ideas that I came up with and I bet you guys have already thought about it. I just think that if there are going to be generators that there needs to be a large use for the power being made.
  2. I came up with an idea of a tier based energy system. For starts you would be able to build a car battery bank, made of 3-5 battery's. This would have a life span of a day or so powering something before it ran out. With the addition of a trolley (they type UPS guys use to move boxes) you would have a portable battery bank that you could push around. With the addition of jumper cables this could be used as a arch welder, which would quickly drain the battery's, but could be used to make steel items (or apply steel to already built wood items to reinforce then) such as fences, door etc. It could also be used in the construction of other more advanced electricity making items. The bike generator could be make from, say, a bike, a few planks and nails, a fan belt and an alternator. It would very slowly put charge back into a battery bank. Not fast enough to power anything, but fast enough that if the a battery bank was being used as a welder you would slowly be able to accomplish your project over a few days. Your next project could be a small wind turbine, constructed from a radiator fan, an alternator, scrap metal and would require a welder to make. It would also put out a small amount of electric, similar to the amount that the bike put out, but a constant supply of it, instead of just when you where using the bike. The wind turbine would create enough electricity to power a few light constantly, anything larger would slowly drain the battery. Now that you have a more reliable renewable energy that doesn't require direct effort to produce, you would be abl to make some larger products. The next project on your tier tree could be a wood gasifier (read my post on it if you are unsure of what they are) which would require more welds then the turbine. It would also require 2 44gl drums (which could only be moved one at a time, and would be visibly carried by the character, slowing them down and reducing visibility), steel pipes (note the plural), a small motor (lawn mower) and an alternator. This would require many days of charging the battery bank to complete the welds (which wouldn't have to be done all at once - a project could be half welded, the bank die, and then days later when the bank was recharged, work could continue), and would also require a fairly decent amount of wood (x2 wood per hour? One to burn, one to gasify a can't remember the current burn rate for wood, but double that). The up side to this would be that your new generator would be able to power a few things constantly, such as a fridge and a few light AND charge your battery bank. The down side would be the noise (which could maybe be muffled with some additional items, or purchase a new exhaust could be a weld able item) There is obviously a lot more that would need to go into this, as well as a few more 'project' that you could built to make to undertaking desirable, but you get the idea - the tl dr; you could slowly create more and more constant electricity, a key item in doing so would be the previous creation of electricity. Other projects: electric fence, metal walls and doors, repair cars, large gates (car entrance), watch tower (?), more durable tools/tool repair, cages. Anyone else got any ideas?
  3. So, I didn't see this suggested anywhere and I searched pretty thoroughly, so... It might be part of the incoming alternate energy stuff, but since I can't seem to find that info I'm going to post this anyways. * * * The idea is that when the power goes out, there's presently very little ways to create light. Candles and fire run out and risk burning down your base--batteries also die. So, for lighting your base, solar garden lamps would work fantastically for providing a light source once the power goes out without using up your batteries. They could be attached to posts with rope like flashlights, planted in the ground to create lighted paths, or carried as a lame light. The point is that they're not as bright as other lights, but they're still better than complete blackness. Positives: -supply-free light source -can be carried -can be hung on posts -can be placed into the ground Negatives: -Not nearly as bright as other light sources (important!) -only work outdoors -must charge during the day -get dimmer as night progresses -cannot be turned off and may attract zombies at night -don't work well if it rains during charging hours Is it somewhat realistic? Totally. You can buy these almost anywhere. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? I would like to think so. The list of positives and negatives balance out pretty well. Won't make the game too easy or hard. It's not unrealistic or OP. Just a fun little thing to add alternatives and deepen the realism of the world. Would it make the game too easy? Depending on how it's implemented, attracting zombies after the power goes out might make it more difficult. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) It might take a little more coding than average to implement, with zombie attraction or removing the option to turn the lights off/making them only work outdoors. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? I would say that it's of relatively low priority, but it could make for a good alternative to fire that's acceptable in a world that has decent technology. Also, since sleeping isn't a thing in mutliplayer, and being a mac user with the annoyingly bright bar across the top of my screen, it makes the game unseeable during the game's night hours. Having something that's not going to turn my base into a bonfire but still let me play would be fantastic. Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? As I said, can be bought almost anywhere. Dollar stores, hardware stores, gardening stores, spring decoration sections at grocery stores, home decor shops... the list is long. Not to mention, you can probably find lots of them in people's yards. They're decently ubiquitous.
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