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  1. Deconstructing a door isn't rocket science. I would say at least beginner level carpentry. Screwdriver to undo the hinges, again to remove the knob. Lift door away from frame. Done. I've done it many times in my life because of shifting houses or frames, warping from heat and humidity, etc--and I'm under 30 still and have little training in the field. If they're going for realism here, this would be a relatively easy thing to add. They would need a door sprite and a little extra coding for the new item, but I don't see it being too difficult to implement--the only this is time contraints and priorities (I can't see this being a high priority idea in any sense of the word). Good idea, yes, but low priority. If you wanted to take the door though, you could just take the hinges off and leave the knob on, but that would leave too much variability--might as well just have "unhinged door" "hinges" and "knob" and require all these things to make a complete door with the level of carpenty needed one less to construct a door from scratch. That would make the most sense to me.
  2. I suppose what we really need is someone of the appropriate age to confirm when they first realised there were solar garden lamps everywhere. XD
  3. True, if the timeframe is in the 80's, solar would be a little less likely. However, being born in the 80's myself, I remember well that such things were in common use by the mid 90's--at least that's when I started paying attention to those things. It's possible they were used earlier, but going any further back than the late 80s for those would be pushing it unless they only showed up on expensive properties. However, to add to my argument, some of the TVs in the houses look to be flat-screens--so solar lighting can't be that far of a stretch. :3
  4. So, I didn't see this suggested anywhere and I searched pretty thoroughly, so... It might be part of the incoming alternate energy stuff, but since I can't seem to find that info I'm going to post this anyways. * * * The idea is that when the power goes out, there's presently very little ways to create light. Candles and fire run out and risk burning down your base--batteries also die. So, for lighting your base, solar garden lamps would work fantastically for providing a light source once the power goes out without using up your batteries. They could be attached to posts with rope like flashlights, planted in the ground to create lighted paths, or carried as a lame light. The point is that they're not as bright as other lights, but they're still better than complete blackness. Positives: -supply-free light source -can be carried -can be hung on posts -can be placed into the ground Negatives: -Not nearly as bright as other light sources (important!) -only work outdoors -must charge during the day -get dimmer as night progresses -cannot be turned off and may attract zombies at night -don't work well if it rains during charging hours Is it somewhat realistic? Totally. You can buy these almost anywhere. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? I would like to think so. The list of positives and negatives balance out pretty well. Won't make the game too easy or hard. It's not unrealistic or OP. Just a fun little thing to add alternatives and deepen the realism of the world. Would it make the game too easy? Depending on how it's implemented, attracting zombies after the power goes out might make it more difficult. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) It might take a little more coding than average to implement, with zombie attraction or removing the option to turn the lights off/making them only work outdoors. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? I would say that it's of relatively low priority, but it could make for a good alternative to fire that's acceptable in a world that has decent technology. Also, since sleeping isn't a thing in mutliplayer, and being a mac user with the annoyingly bright bar across the top of my screen, it makes the game unseeable during the game's night hours. Having something that's not going to turn my base into a bonfire but still let me play would be fantastic. Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? As I said, can be bought almost anywhere. Dollar stores, hardware stores, gardening stores, spring decoration sections at grocery stores, home decor shops... the list is long. Not to mention, you can probably find lots of them in people's yards. They're decently ubiquitous.
  5. I always thought it a bit weird that we have screwdrivers but have to bash down doors in order to get supplies from them. I like the idea of having a screwdriver in your inventory to be the required tool to remove a door relatively quietly from a building whilst recieving all of its materials, including an "unhinged door" as opposed to planks. As it stands, we don't have a way to guarantee we get two hinges and a knob from each door we take down.
  6. Seiaeka

    Pillow Fort

    I r genuise. XD I'm glad to see people are really open about things on this forum. I know some places that would see flak like woah for a suggstion like this. I'm actually half serious though, pillow forts would be epic and comforting. Also windmills, like the dutch kind. Carpentry Hoooo!
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