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  1. BillyBibbit

    Howard Ze(n)d

    Although i'm happy that the team is growing and recruiting talented people, I still feel underwhelmed by the lack of news on the NPC developpement. Many of us have been waiting for it for around 10 years and now that you've officialy announced it, we want to see more transparency. I understand that there are many things going on at once, but this is the next main feature and i'm eagerly curious to know what's going on and how I can help the process. Please don't leave us in the dark like it happened before, I believe in you guys and you should not be afraid like you were in the past to talk about new features, especially NPCs. Once Project Zomboid releases, the game will have decades of lifespan and I have no doubt in my soul that it will be an even greater success than it is today. Cheers !
  2. BillyBibbit

    2022 and Beyond

    Best Thursdoid ever, this truely is brightening my day ! I've been waiting for this moment so many years and i'm happy I survived to see it, my hype is through the ceiling ! I want to give all my thanks and all the love to The Indie Stone team and all the modders who did such a hard work over the course of a decade. The direction you are taking for NPCs by taking inspiration from Rimworld is exactly what I was hoping for and I'm sure you will come with a great unique system. The talent and discipline of the team is breathtaking, I still remember my first day playing PZ on the Redboid server in 2014/2015. I got a blast with the hordes and it was the best experience I had with a game ever, even with PVP ON the community is just so friendly and dedicated. And the drama just flows in a natural way. Thanks again for the many years of joy (and fear) and entertainement (and anxiety x) )you provided to us. Much love and may this year be the best for you, you deserve it !
  3. Hello everyone, First thing : I tried to use the search feature on the forum but after almost 10 mins of waiting I couldn't get the results to load so i'm posting. I wanted to know if solar energy and solar panels was planed for future updates ? The technology was already well developped in 1993 and this would be a good alternative to gas stations running dry and biofuel to get power. The power of the sun has been used for as long as we recorded history and is always something comforting when humans are in a survival situation. It brings light, warmth and make the crops grow so we can eat. I really feel this could be a balanced feature if it is less efficient that generators with gas while requiring way less (or even zero) maintenance, and of course, a rare loot. Thanks for reading me.
  4. This is already in. Just click " Create new character " when you die and you'll spawn in the same world, being able to loot your old character and even kill him if he got zombified
  5. I'm up for any kind of human-fueled transportation, even skateboards or rollers xD
  6. I have felt the same for a while (i've been playing since 2016) until build 41, which is a true challenge. I also managed to find the perfect sandbox settings to fit my long time playstyle (minimum 1 year). And well... Mods ! That's really up to your imagination and what story you want to tell.
  7. BillyBibbit

    Mascot Mayhem

    Can we get some precision as to what has been fixed ? Thanks.
  8. BillyBibbit

    Mascot Mayhem

    This is already in as a sandbox option. I guess maybe dismembered zeds ?
  9. Can anyone revive this map ?
  10. I was wondering, do you plan to add big gates to build ? It would be great to be able to park cars inside our base.
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