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  1. As a reformed smoker, I can tell you the urge never goes away
  2. You already can. If you put all the corpses on the same tile, when you burn on they all burn.
  3. But it does? Like my example? Our town lasted a week (actually just over) with just the water in the tower. The pump to draw water from the res is operated via mains electricity, so no new water was added to the system. The local paper via told us to not use water for anything other then cooking and drinking. There was a notable decrease in the water pressure (obviously without the booster pump) but it was pretty consistent throughout the week. I don't know how much we had remaining when the power came back on, but they did say in the initial paper that a second stage of restrictions was possible and a newsletter would be distributed if it was necessary. We didn't get the second letter so I can only assume that there was still a reasonable amount still remaining after the 8 and a half days (IIRC) days the power was out. Just for comparison - the size and layout of my town is similar to Rosewood in game. A single mainstreet with about 15 assorted shops (including 2 pubs!) A fire-station with a single engine, a police station (more a house then a 'station') and a couple larger agricultural and steel industry building. Side to side the town is about 1km wide by 2km, with a very noticeable drop off in density on the edges of town, and bordered on all sides my wheat fields.
  4. I grew up in a town of 300. Our water came from a tower. We had a storm once were the power was knocked out for a week. We go put on water rations, and had reduced pressure (water pressure was only from gravity and not boosted by the pump), but there was still water the whole time. Our water came from a reservoir about a click out of town. It was kept 'clean' by having fish live in it (they keep it moving and eat the bugs that grow in it). Weren't allowed to fish there though.
  5. hahah! Funnily enough it was *almost* a stock name. It was something like Greg Campbell and I just couldn't resist changing it. Yeah I had the same thing happen with the metal grated floors that you find in warehouses - since they are only a 'half floor' that are completed surrounded with vault-able ledged. I imagine that there would be a few other places the issue could arise - off the top of my head: running out of a second floor motel room onto the landing - once you were out of the door you would autovault over the rail.
  6. Let me start off by saying I love the new ability to quickly vault over fences - works a charm. I do have some issues with it though. Its now particularly easy to inadvertently kill yourself. If you are running around on a second floor that has a railing (eg: the grated platforms in warehouses, catwalks, etc etc) it is now very easy to have your character suicide jump over the railing. I hadn't noticed this until I was building a catwalk around the top of a wall which was accessible via a offset set of stairs (see example picture) Now normally I would place the seen fences at the top of the stairs so if you run up the stairs you wouldn't run off the edge. Now though once you reach the top of the stairs the player will automatically vault over the fence (and if you are encumbered as I was) to possibly to your death. Now I'm not sure if its possible, but maybe something along the lines of a check would be in order? If you are on a layer higher then the ground floor, maybe to vault over a rail you would need to hold done the E button as you approach the rail/fence to vault it while at a sprint?
  7. Couple of things that I have noticed Desert Combat Boots only apply buff to one foot During character creation pressing back at the character screen will loop you between traits and appearance instead of taking you back to work options.
  8. Its threads like this that remind me how screwy yanks are with guns. I live in a town of about 150,000 - if every single person disappeared tonight, I think it would take me about a week of hunting to find a gun (excluding police stations and the 1 gun-shop that we have) and that gun would most likely be an old under/over shotgun from the 1950's. I'm sure that their would be a couple of collectors with a few price pieces, but they would be an outlier and not even close to being a minority. If you asked people in my country to name guns the answer you would get is 'pistol, rifle, machine gun' - hell you can't even buy a double sided knife here and you need a gun license to get a paintball market. Then I read stuff like this, see videos on the internet and I'm just like 'holy shit you guys have a rager for firearms'. It seems like at least one in ten would own a gun of some type. Scary as hell. Anyway, got nothing against the mod, use it myself to add some variance to the stuff you find in world. Its just that every time I see something like this it is just such a culture shock...
  9. I dont even know if this is possible, but would you be able to make it so that the 44g drums that you can build can hold water, instead of being an item container? Basically so they act like a refillable bathtub/toilet/otherwatersources. Now that you have to boil water, it would be nice to be able to store if in a way that didn't involve me constantly picking up and dropping buckets.
  10. If i could run the generator off wood gas it wouldn't be a problem.
  11. And what I'm saying is to balance it so that they don't.
  12. Weeeell.... if you actually look into it, most police officers rarely, if ever use their gun in the line of duty, and they only average about 15 hours a year of gun training. The every day gun enthusiast would have a higher proficiency with weapons. People seem to think that cops are everyday training with SWAT, when in reality, most of their work is paper work, and most of their training is on inter-people skills. More on topic tho, I agree that choosing a profession should be a more even spread so that you wouldn't have to pick an overweight cop just to balance out the points. I feel that all professions should be somewhat equal, so that the benefits that you get from picking a chef would be somewhat the same as the ones from picking a construction worker, just in a different area. This would require the occupations to be balanced so that the occupations weren't OP just on their own to encourage people to take additional pros and cons. I would be OK the general rule to simply be: occupation gives a single 'bonus' (can see in the dark, doesn't get scared etc etc) a point in the skill and a increased XP gain for just that skill. To make unemployed a still relevant occupation, just give them + how many points the occupation bonus and point is worth as a starting point. This would mean you could just be 'a cop' instead of always requiring to be 'a near sighted cop' or 'a clumsy unlucky cop'.
  13. Couldn't read the 2 pages of posts before yours?
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