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  1. Once build 41 is stable and the default build people will play when first launching. Trailer also as said here: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2020/01/garbage-train/
  2. I'm fairly sure there's an option in settings already to change it to CTRL instead... I think. Accessibility maybe?
  3. Missing decals like on T-Shirts. (RJ's face, logos, etc...)
  4. He means that the GOG version will be updated to 41.30, today most likely, but including a hotfix that Steam users will probably get today, (which would make it 41.31 for both platforms). Why would they stop releasing hotfixes on Steam?
  5. You seem to be using mods, judging from the map, it doesn't look vanilla. Disable them all and try on a fresh save, see if it persists.
  6. As of now, it doesn't stop broadcasting.
  7. This will most likely be a thing in the Hunting update along with some more stealth animations/mechanics. https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_versions
  8. Seems to be random, and no range so far as I can tell. Sometimes it's at a number you can't tune to (eg. 90.3) where you could only tune to 90.2-90.4 in that range. My fix for that is just go searching for one already pre-tuned. You'll have to venture out a good bit to find one if you're on the same save. Not all radios have it tuned either.
  9. Try walking away from the car and pressing V.
  10. Please try without mods and see if it still occurs, otherwise we can't really be sure whether it's in vanilla or not. If you're using mods and experience a bug - it's best to disable and start fresh and see if it still occurs.
  11. Closest we really know about any Faction system really at this point: Not sure about the rest of the stuff, but would be cool nonetheless having distinct differences between groups and factions and all.
  12. Please disable the mod and see if the issue persists, and check also in non-modded playthrough on a new save (no need to delete this one) to be sure.
  13. Sorry, but this is so not in the spirit of PZ and would really ruin the game adding something like microtransactions. Something in the future, nearer to 1.0 would be possibly a merch store (for example T-Shirts or the like), and a soundtrack release. Not sure how the merch store plans go/would go but I'm heavily against any sort of microtransactions or custom skins, and I don't think I'm alone there in this community.
  14. Well, clearly it didn't make it into the "next IWBUMS build" but they had a blog about expanding the way power works here https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2018/08/powerdoid/ I presume it might still be on the cards after this build gets stable? Who knows. Either way, I would love it. More ways to allow more dynamic horror, the better. Imagine going through a school during a storm and then the lights start flickering or something. Especially with the new zombies sounds, it'd be great.
  15. Would be nice for sure. I'm not sure how many people even use that mechanic knowing that it's there and instead just get inside of the car to put their items in it. Took me a bit to realize I could open doors outside the car to be fair.
  16. Seems relevant to these long-standers. Still unsure what causes it at all, but it's been here for a while in different forms: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24141-erosion-wall-vines-and-growth-causes-green-dotsred-dotshighlight-issues/ https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24792-more-highlighting-issuesnow-arrows/ https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24079-green-dot-on-barricading-wallsdoors/ It doesn't occur on only specific places, seemingly. When a container is opened and the looting menu pops up is when a red/green dot shows. Some of the images in those threads might be hard to notice what the problem is, but from what I remember it's: Red/green dots when opening containers (like shelves more specifically) Arrows on the bottom corner of some doors inside buildings while you're outside. Arrows on the corners of some walls. Weird line on the floor (sometimes goes when curtains are closed, sometimes not.) Graffiti become translucent at their ends and being highlighted. Wall vines become translucent at their ends and being highlighted. That's all I can remember from looking at those screenshots again. Minor issue, but definitely annoying.
  17. Are you using any mods? If so, they're best disabled for IWBUMS as they'll only cause more errors and false bug reports than necessary.
  18. That's odd. Never experienced this before. Some stuff like food shelves don't become transparent, as well as bookshelves. That's normal and may be fixed in the new cutaway system. Walls should always be stencilled out, even if they're black like this. Could you try some of these things if you haven't already? In no particular order: Verify integrity of Steam's PZ files: Right click PZ > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity. Update your drivers. Starting a new save (no need to delete the old one) but just to see if there's some compatibility issue. Try messing around with some other settings in-game to see if anything changes. You'll probably need to restart PZ a few times to see if any of them work. Try disabling any mods and start a new save (won't delete your save).
  19. Could you try toggling the "New Roof Hiding" setting and see if that changes anything?
  20. MadDan2013


    There was, guess posting here was forgotten about though. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2019/07/new-spiffdoid/
  21. Old man + cane as a weapon that when used causes you to trip, yell out in pain and die in agony elevates PZ to a masterpiece of a game. Really though I can't wait to see the mods that come from this update. Not sure if something as complex as this is on the table or how long the tools would take to learn, but stuff like this would be incredibly cool for sure.
  22. The closest you can do right now is press space at the door, or hit it with a weapon, although yes that's definitely a lot louder than knocking.
  23. It's actually the 9th of July that it begins on the default PZ settings (Survival): https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Game_Modes It would be cool if there were some fictional event that the Radio/TV broadcasts mention that they hold annually. It'd be great to have more lore/hidden broadcasts/flavour text.
  24. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    Seems to be extremely close, as in the next few months for IWBUMS, if things keep progressing how they are currently. I would say check back in a few months. You can check the website every Thursday (although Friday is better because there's no set time for news to be posted). I'm sure that the blog title when it's released will be hard to miss.
  25. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    That's a good point. If the whole "bones showing after being eaten" is going to be a thing, the zombies would have eaten a lot of the character already. It may look more gory and horrifying to actually hear your character screaming while they're being eaten and torn to shreds, and not coming back. Maybe they could come back more visibly damaged if it's only a few zombies, however it would make more sense of them coming back after being bitten and escaping and turning over time like you're saying. The "upper limit" could be used to determine if that character has a chance to come back mildly damaged, or if they're absolutely destroyed and mangled to pieces.
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