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    It's just a reference/parody of the TV show King of the Hill. All those four characters are shown drinking beer outside often.
  2. Unfortunately, this is a very hard bug to reproduce or capture because it doesn't frequently happen, but at least making it aware it is a bug might help. Singleplayer, no mods, hardcore survival. Has also happened to me on MP private server with a friend. Specs: Intel Core i7 6700 GTX 1070 16GB RAM Installed in HDD, not SSD Windows 10 Can't really provide much more information that I can think of. I'll try to capture a few hours of footage and see if it happens in so I can edit it into a clip. The best I can capture at the moment was this: You should be able to see the panic moodle pop up every time I go near the car. It vanished behind the car where I'm standing at 1:04 in the video, and there's no corpse there. EDIT: It doesn't just happen near cars, happened to me in Winter is Coming challenge two inside a house. They disappear after dying, and no corpse is left to loot. Irritatingly too random to capture so far. EDIT 2: I finally caught this. This was on the new weather branch, although as you can see it's not exclusive to that branch. It seems to be everywhere, single player, multiplayer, sandbox survival, no mods. Zombie completely disappeared when killed. Singleplayer, no mods, six months later. I didn't edit anything in the weather debug menu either. I was turning shaders on and off before this to give feedback about the weather branch, but that was a minute and a half before I killed this zombie.
  3. Another update on this: Temporary fix is to put corpses on 2D instead of 3D. Hasn't occurred since I've done that. That's the biggest specific I can offer at the moment, though I think it's the best one. Unfortunately, I don't think that'll be possible any more when the animations and combat overhaul come out. Or if it is possible then corpses would be significantly different than alive zombies. Sometimes new features can seemingly fix bugs, or more likely introduce new ones, but maybe once they're out we'll be able to track it down/fix easier.
  4. MadDan2013

    March Ridge House Glitch

    Can confirm. Nice find.
  5. MadDan2013


    A very cool idea, not sure in the vain of the current design however. I think the closest we would get to that is higher skill levels may do a bit flashier kills with weapons. For example stabbing a zombie at the side of it's head or through the skull. Don't quote me on this though.
  6. There is new music coming with the animation update, so hopefully it allows for more suitable music. Otherwise, I completely agree, something needs refining. We have no zombies at our base in the new farmland (ever, about 6 months into the server) and I hear the extremely intense tracks.
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    Bumper On Car and Mutant Zombie

    This was concept art posted last year, not close to being done but this would probably be the limit of car modifications, besides modding. Mutant and any other type of special zombies are a confirmed no as of this thread: [n] "Special" Infected or any type of superhuman zombies
  8. MadDan2013

    Will New Animations Break Saves?

    I think it's almost a guarantee like vehicles, since they're such a fundamental change to the game. Also I think Lemmy responded here a month or so back to the same question saying it was guaranteed. I mean, they'll probably be in an IWBUMS branch first so they won't just immediately update and break a stable branch save.
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    When are the NPC‘s gonna release

    There was an old Mondoid video on Mathas' channel where it was mentioned they wanted NPCs to be indistinguishable from human players. Most likely would only work on RP servers or something, but that was a while ago. You're supposed to be able to make a group yes, or join an NPCs group. Not sure about huge world of factions or multiple groups though. Safe to assume NPCs would at least form small groups. It would be cool since the map is big and having rival factions/groups late-game would add more reasons to keep playing if you fight against them or something. It definitely would seem though that it would be more between your group and its members to create "your own personal zombie survival movie" with every play-through. Can't find where that was mentioned but definitely an old Mondoid. Take everything I said with a grain of salt though, but these were the things I remember mentioned years ago which may be far less complex in the game, or too complex to add.
  10. Adding a vegetable as an ingredient to frying pan/cooking pot/roasting pan, and adding a different vegetable creates "Vegetables Roasted Vegetables". Should just be "Roasted Vegetables". Some other errors like this in cooking too which I think should be looked over, but I'll update this post if I find more.
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    Cars popping in.

    Not necessarily a bug, but definitely can cause issues. From the video you can see cars tend to pop-in which looks incredibly janky and unpolished. Also increases the chance of crashing in to them. It would be nice for them to "pop" in before they're on screen, so the player can see the car fade in smoothly. It's been the biggest issue with cars for me so far, besides the obvious floating cars and random times they kill you when colliding with stuff.
  12. MadDan2013

    When are the NPC‘s gonna release

    Build 42 is supposed to introduce Hunting, which should introduce basic AI for roaming animals. Everything on from that is supposed to be adding more advanced NPC capabilities.
  13. MadDan2013

    Car Parts Breaking Incorrectly

    While I agree with some of your points Shin, especially as it can be annoying as hell to see bugs seemingly being ignored, they will get to it, I don't doubt it. Either after animations with hotfixes, or after all the major features are in the game in an attempt to polish the game and fix as many bugs as possible. If they were/are never fixed then I'd be on your side completely. The bug tracker will be there forever for TIS to go completely through in its polishing state. Even Lemmy said after NPCs it'll be 100% bug fixing. This bug may be fixed sooner or later but I have no reason to doubt they'll fix it. If you've seen the video Lemmy posted of the game currently essentially broken in the animation build, right now they're very busy with getting that released and playable.
  14. MadDan2013

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Awesome! Can't think of more of the top of my head, seems you guys are well on top of it. What about damaged/tattered clothes though? Especially on zombies or if you're scratched/bitten. Just a quick thought.
  15. MadDan2013

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Trench coat, leather biker jackets (sleeveless, sleeved), ponchos, cargo pants, skirt variations, jean shorts. Off the top of my head those would be nice.
  16. MadDan2013

    What happened to the story and the NPC survivors?

    Might as well chime in here as well. TIS truly has something special with Zomboid. Lots of people seem to think "just another zombie game" but is there really one that gets as close to the original depiction of zombies + survival? Max Brooks? The Walking Dead? Besides the (hopefully good) upcoming Dead Matter, no. Maybe Dead State? 7DTD, SoD and countless other games have special zombies, their own lore and settings, more arcade-y gameplay. DayZ has barely any zombies. Resident Evil is a completely different type of game. You get the idea. Zomboid is one of a kind, and it can be a fault too, since if it were to fail, no other developers would risk trying something like this and that would be sad. It's the only game that I've ever seen get the zombie apocalypse and survival correct, Risk + reward, becoming bored and risking your character even though you could live your days in isolation. It's only getting better and expanding on those systems. Insanity (possibly), more negative effects for depression and loneliness. Of course animations/hunting/NPCs just make it better and better. I've just recently hit 600+ hours, and the only real thing that bothers me in the game is the sound effects being lower quality (white noise/popping) so I hope we can get a sound overhaul/update to complement the rest of the polish of the game someday.
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    I didn't get it either at first but it's supposed to be January, but (im) put after (an) to be an(im). As in January animations. By right I think it should be J(anim)uary. Even if this one doesn't make sense as January isn't "Juary", it's easier to quickly get the animations part of it.
  18. MadDan2013

    More highlighting issues (again)

    Man I feel they won't go away. Once they're fixed, they just get worse. I don't know if it's underlying in the game's code or something but practically every model/sprite has this issue now. These are fixed when the curtains are closed and no light is coming in. But, when curtains are opened: On top of the wall here are red dots/green dots sometimes:
  19. MadDan2013

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    Now that's a great idea. For radios/car radios use a different style of music than the game's music suited to the 90s. That would be far more suitable in my opinion.
  20. MadDan2013

    Thunder soundtrack

    Damn I never actually noticed that before. I think they may have used a lot of free sounds so it'd make sense for some of them to not work in complement with the game sometimes. It's actually my biggest gripe with the game at the moment, the overall sounds/quality of them. The rest of the game (especially with animations, water, cars) is pretty polished, but the sound effects can often be of very low quality and maybe some popping/white noise. For example (besides the one you mentioned): Open/close car door has massive white noise that hurts my ears. (thank god for the mod) Car horn has a distinct *pop* sound at the end of it, cutting off abruptly. Hitting zombie sound effect has a distinct *pop* noise at the end of it, cutting off abruptly. Some sounds are very low quality also and maybe too loud. Just in general I really wish we had a sound overhaul for the game. I was intending on making a mod, but there's few things you can do to separate stomping a zombie from hitting with a weapon sound effect. I also noticed that when you move while a sound plays (e.g, getting out of car) it causes crackling so I gave up on that.
  21. MadDan2013

    Door shake optional

    I'm not sure if you're asking me but if you are, I know they added after I suggested it recent in an IWBUMS which I think is released now. I have a post thanking one of the Devs changelog posts.
  22. MadDan2013

    Door shake optional

    Please, pretty please allow us to reduce and turn off the door shake option. I love the trees and everything else shaking and how much it adds to the environment, but the doors look really wonky shaking so violently, especially when you try a locked door. I really haven't felt this negatively toward a feature added to the game, but in my opinion, it looks really wrong and cartoony/childish. I would so love an option to disable it or reduce it significantly. SUGGESTION ADDED Thanks!
  23. Reading on old Mondoids, I found these screenshots of Erosion and thought it looked so cool compared to what we currently have. For example: Going into the current IWBUMS and setting time to 1 day for 100% growth didn't result in nearly as much overgrowth as these shots. Only grass was being affected and tiny cracks in the roads with the start of trees growing but no more. Why would this ever be toned down unless it was seriously affecting performance? It's so cool and would show how much civilization has really dwindled. Is there a way I can activate it elsewhere in the game's code? Or, can it please be added back as a Sandbox option or in Survival? That is what I envisioned for Erosion, and while this is still great and adds a lot to the game: The original screenshots are so much better in my opinion and I'd love if that were the reality of Erosion.
  24. MadDan2013

    More highlighting issues/now arrows?

    No problem. Triangles at doors too and luminescent wall vines. I have no idea what's causing it, it used to just be on Erosion vines (was a consistent issue) but now it seems to be everywhere. You described it much better than me though.