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  1. Unbanned. It was an automod violation but there didn't seem to be anything to indicate something worthy of a ban. Can't really comment on your status, but probably best to keep it private if it's overt.
  2. Not sure if there is a fix for this specifically yet for the next patch, didn't see anything about it, but a temporary workaround is just don't have the car on before you attach. Or turn off the car and detach/re-attach. That's been working for me, no need to log out. I am running un-modded though, so if you have mods and this workaround isn't working it may be due to that.
  3. I doubt there's going to be any tutorial that goes in to depth of all of PZ's mechanics as it'd just end up being hours and hours long which no one would even bother with, as many already ignore the tutorial for its length already even though it's short. I think the tutorial covers the best basic things because genuinely those are what new players struggle the most with, even though it's just an OS' file explorer that they already use. For games like PZ, a lot of the tutorial comes from making mistakes, and learning from them so I'd recommend just learning as you go, that's where a lot of the fun comes from too, discovering things as you need them rather than being overwhelmed by choices. We tried our best with the new trailer to sell the gist of the game being this way too.
  4. Not everyone is the same. It doesn't give you the right to decide how others should feel about things just because you went through it, and is frankly a completely ridiculous excuse to justify things. This is a suggestion relevant to me, and I'm not using it as some excuse to make others who might be more affected than I was about it feel bad for doing so. We've all been through shit, doesn't help to be an asshole to people who don't think the same as you, because of some sense of being macho.
  5. It's MadDan by the way. It'll be a 30-day ban. Try not to get involved in piracy chats again that might cause such a reaction. Edit: Ninja'd.
  6. It's more the calling people 'scum' part. There's one big rule that the rest of the rules stem from which is: Be Lovely. Regardless of your stance on things. To demonize them, as much as it is frustrating, doesn't help, because a lot of them come around when they can. Lots of stories of people who used to pirate it, who ended up purchasing and buying multiple copies etc... Hell, I may have even done so but I can't remember since it was so long ago. The far more damaging thing is people who buy from key resellers, rather than trusted retailers. Especially for indie games. I'll let you know of the ban status, but it's not really an attitude we like to have in the community regardless if it's shitting on the game or defending the game to the ends of the earth.
  7. Man I'm gonna ask you to calm down with people opposing your posts, you get very aggravated when someone has anything contrarian to say, and it's not a nice attitude to have. The dude's being considerate to people who can be affected by these things, which is a lot. Gore isn't the same as something that can happen and affect people pretty commonly nowadays, because gore is over the top so having a warning is almost a guarantee.
  8. Yes I do remember suggesting something like this a while back, but I think to do it effectively (at least in the way I imagine it) it'd be more complex than is currently possible. Don't think it's something that is too far for the game, and it'd be nice to have it be a rare event. Gun suicide I know is at least planned at some point, the animations are there already.
  9. It is, but mangled cars like these don't have the same functionality as working cars. You can't enter them, or loot inside them. You can only interact with the trunk, and hood. I think you can tow them too, but I'm not sure.
  10. Well, you made a post and a moderator answered after a consensus, sugarcube.
  11. No they're not in-game yet. This coming Thursday there'll be some information on the plans for 2022. NPCs in general are the next focus, according to the roadmap you've presumably seen now, barring small patches and bug fixes in between. To give some context, I'm sure you're aware of how NPCs are supposed to be. Not simple traders or static on the map or hobbled together like the mods that exist. That's why a lot of the groundwork for them needed to be done first. The animation update was the big one that'll really bring extra life to the game itself but also the characters rather than them all looking the same. The same for vehicles, they need to be able to use the game's mechanics rather than just be an annoyance that you need to babysit. It may have been a long time coming, but I think it'd detract from the game to just throw them in randomly rather then when the game feels like it'll both be enhanced by them, and enhance them too.
  12. That's gonna be a no. We made it clear how people who took part in that would be handled, and just because MP is officially released doesn't make it okay or irrelevant.
  13. Select 'none'. The build is fully released to stable.
  14. Oh wow, I had to post here on this, I remember your name from wayyyyyyyyyy back in the day here. But yep, this is quite amazing the growth the game has gone through since Build 41's IWBUMS to stable, not to mind the game itself too.
  15. There's currently a sale on Steam now, the winter sale. 33% off.
  16. Unfortunately no, we can't really give an estimate on when it would. The last big main promised feature to consider the game '1.0' to enter the game is NPCs, which as stated will be talked about more once Build 41 is out (which it now is) after the new year. Build 41 is the longest and most substantial update PZ has ever had, and it took a long time to get there. It's very unlikely that subsequent builds will take nearly as long, as major parts of the game aren't being redone from the ground up. The best option is just adding it to your wishlist or following it on Steam or our blogs on projectzomboid.com every Thursday to keep up-to-date with what's going on.
  17. Are you using any mods or anything? If so, try a new save with them all disabled. Haven't seen this issue myself.
  18. Not that I'm aware of, no.
  19. And you do you, in your time away.
  20. That's fine, 30K others do, and give more valuable criticisms while they're at it.
  21. Explanation here: https://twitter.com/theindiestone/status/1472920522358939649
  22. 'Old' as in Build 40, then there's zero chance of converting anything. The groundwork that went into this update just doesn't allow it, not to mind that savefiles have been reduced in size drastically between IWBUMS builds so absolutely impossible. So yeah you'll have to stick to the Legacy version. Pain, I'd just forget that save and move on personally, but Legacy is there for a reason. It makes me ill to look at Build 40 now.
  23. Nothing is planned for consoles at the moment. It'd be after 1.0 if anything were to happen so the focus is on completing the game for PCs solely right now.
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