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    Picture from main menu

    If this works out well, please update this post because that would be amazing.
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    Old Versions?

    Glad you found a solution! Could you tell me which variable you modified (or what you did in order to bypass it) so I have it for future reference if anyone else wants to run those versions?
  3. MadDan2013

    Old Versions?

    I have 1.5D uploaded to Google Drive, if it's any last solution help:
  4. MadDan2013

    Old Versions?

    Sorry for the late reply. It's looking like everything was followed by the book in my eyes so unfortunately I'm kind of out of ideas. The only version of the game I've tried was 1.5D in that link, so if you downloaded a different version, there may be a problem with those other versions? That was all I did to get the old versions working, and I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to other workarounds with those versions. That thread helped me so I condensed it as much as possible to one simple solution, or so I thought. I'll get back to you here if I find some solution for you. Or if you find a solution in the meantime please make sure to reply here for future reference.
  5. MadDan2013

    Old Versions?

    I'm not actually familiar with AMPPS. I did find a 32-Bit version for xampp here if you use CTRL + F to search for 32: Windows/7.3.2/ I can't be too sure whether it's just an AMPPS issue or something else I may have missed out. I had the same problem with the login just resetting but that was because I was entering it wrong but that doesn't seem like the case here unfortunately.
  6. MadDan2013

    Old Versions?

    The email asked for should be "" and the password is just "password". It should work perfectly if you have xampp up and running with an apache server, and the php file with that code in its htdocs folder. I've only played it less than a week ago.
  7. MadDan2013

    Old Versions?

    Copying this from my post on Zomboid's Steam discussions: If you do want to play it, you can download the older versions of the game here. And the post to get it all working with a local Desura server here. You shouldn't need any old Desura accounts to access it, follow those instructions exactly, and if asked for a username/password enter: email: "" and password: "password" and it should work. The "projectzomboid.php" file also is not available, thankfully I have it on my PC. It's just a simple piece of code though. Inside XAMPP or whichever local server you're using, in external/games which that forum post tells you to create you put that file "projectzomboid.php" and inside of it paste this: < ? php echo 'hi'; (without spaces, had to edit and add spaces to this post to actually post that code) Hopefully that's all explained well and works out for you, let me know if not. I might have missed something. Should work for anyone else that wants to go back and play those versions. Bearing in mind the controls are wonky, sometimes there's a java memory allocation ♥♥♥♥ up where you can't launch the game and the NPCs are broken. But that story is there if you want to partake in smothering Kate again.
  8. MadDan2013

    Walls, windows and doors blocking screen space

    That's odd. Never experienced this before. Some stuff like food shelves don't become transparent, as well as bookshelves. That's normal and may be fixed in the new cutaway system. Walls should always be stencilled out, even if they're black like this. Could you try some of these things if you haven't already? In no particular order: Verify integrity of Steam's PZ files: Right click PZ > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity. Update your drivers. Starting a new save (no need to delete the old one) but just to see if there's some compatibility issue. Try messing around with some other settings in-game to see if anything changes. You'll probably need to restart PZ a few times to see if any of them work. Try disabling any mods and start a new save (won't delete your save).
  9. MadDan2013

    Walls, windows and doors blocking screen space

    Could you try toggling the "New Roof Hiding" setting and see if that changes anything?
  10. MadDan2013

    Quick question about scratch/bite infection chance

    Haha, that's my quote! Yes, as much as I want to shroud the mystery back into it again of it being 96% chance, it's been confirmed as always 100%.
  11. MadDan2013


    There was, guess posting here was forgotten about though.
  12. MadDan2013

    Younger & Older Characters

    Old man + cane as a weapon that when used causes you to trip, yell out in pain and die in agony elevates PZ to a masterpiece of a game. Really though I can't wait to see the mods that come from this update. Not sure if something as complex as this is on the table or how long the tools would take to learn, but stuff like this would be incredibly cool for sure.
  13. Unfortunately, this is a very hard bug to reproduce or capture because it doesn't frequently happen, but at least making it aware it is a bug might help. Singleplayer, no mods, hardcore survival. Has also happened to me on MP private server with a friend. Specs: Intel Core i7 6700 GTX 1070 16GB RAM Installed in HDD, not SSD Windows 10 Can't really provide much more information that I can think of. I'll try to capture a few hours of footage and see if it happens in so I can edit it into a clip. The best I can capture at the moment was this: You should be able to see the panic moodle pop up every time I go near the car. It vanished behind the car where I'm standing at 1:04 in the video, and there's no corpse there. EDIT: It doesn't just happen near cars, happened to me in Winter is Coming challenge two inside a house. They disappear after dying, and no corpse is left to loot. Irritatingly too random to capture so far. EDIT 2: I finally caught this. This was on the new weather branch, although as you can see it's not exclusive to that branch. It seems to be everywhere, single player, multiplayer, sandbox survival, no mods. Zombie completely disappeared when killed. Singleplayer, no mods, six months later. I didn't edit anything in the weather debug menu either. I was turning shaders on and off before this to give feedback about the weather branch, but that was a minute and a half before I killed this zombie.
  14. MadDan2013

    Old but new player

    That's a lot of stuff. Here you can find a general overview of the big, flashy stuff. Here is a gigantic list of every single change ever made, including IWBUMS versions and stable releases of builds. The next build is build 41 which is animation, clothing and combat overhaul. You can find tons of information about its development over the past few months here: After animations are in stable, the roadmap is as follows, with no ETAs as usual, and disregarding any intermediary builds:
  15. MadDan2013

    Door Knocking

    The closest you can do right now is press space at the door, or hit it with a weapon, although yes that's definitely a lot louder than knocking.
  16. It's actually the 9th of July that it begins on the default PZ settings (Survival): It would be cool if there were some fictional event that the Radio/TV broadcasts mention that they hold annually. It'd be great to have more lore/hidden broadcasts/flavour text.
  17. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    Seems to be extremely close, as in the next few months for IWBUMS, if things keep progressing how they are currently. I would say check back in a few months. You can check the website every Thursday (although Friday is better because there's no set time for news to be posted). I'm sure that the blog title when it's released will be hard to miss.
  18. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    That's a good point. If the whole "bones showing after being eaten" is going to be a thing, the zombies would have eaten a lot of the character already. It may look more gory and horrifying to actually hear your character screaming while they're being eaten and torn to shreds, and not coming back. Maybe they could come back more visibly damaged if it's only a few zombies, however it would make more sense of them coming back after being bitten and escaping and turning over time like you're saying. The "upper limit" could be used to determine if that character has a chance to come back mildly damaged, or if they're absolutely destroyed and mangled to pieces.
  19. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    You're correct. People will just restart their saves anyway or make a new one. This difference is it's now instantaneous. This way you'll get a more glorified and gory death because of lack of combat skills, and being overwhelmed. If you do get out safely, then you actually count yourself extremely lucky.
  20. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    At the very least, a few more weeks, possibly a month or two for IWBUMS was the latest I heard. Could be longer, could be shorter. That's the closest I can give you.
  21. MadDan2013

    Zed Snacking

    I agree, if possible it should be more like this: Them squatting makes more sense to me if they were Sprinters, ready to jump up and run at you. Vicious and bloodthirsty. Regular Shamblers, it makes more sense for them to be slower, spend more time eating a corpse almost lying down. It feels we're getting way more than we expected with this update, though, or at least I feel that way.
  22. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    Good point, I completely forgot about crawlers. Since this update will add more variety, more corpse variations would be welcome.
  23. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    If you look at the Gigamart employee at 46s, she falls on her stomach. The video was supposed to start at that time, might have glitched out. Of course, yes she wasn't dead at that point, but I don't see why it wouldn't imply that we'll have different corpse positions. At least I hope it implies that.
  24. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    Seems like it's already added to the next major build.
  25. MadDan2013

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I'd love something like Rick's "Murder Jacket". Also something simple like his S9 shirt. The image just made me wonder, will watches be visible on your character's wrist? It could be tied into those "idle actions" when you're walking or just waiting in place to give some life to the character instead of standing still.