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  1. Russia - Ukraine

    I get information from different internet sources and from my friends, compare it and then make my own conclusions. How can i belive in that what others say me without checking information?
  2. Russia - Ukraine

    First of all - i am don't take in personally. I am not Russia-fanboy. I live in Russia, i born in Russia, but i don't like my country. We just a humans, and i wont blame citizens of other countries because they also just a humans. Presidents - little kids and i don't want to be their doll. I hope we done with it. So, first of all - Crimea is not a Ukraine. Crimea it's another country that in Ukraine. Russia have military bases on Crimea's territory, so.. Russian army always been in Crimea (in Ukraine, as you say). New fake government of Ukraine want to dismiss officials of Crimea, but Crimea don't want listen current Ukraine government. (Current government of Ukraine is realy fake, because when you killing police and people, destroy your city and then told to people -> "Ok, well done! Now i am president!" - it's not make you real president.) Many Russians live in Crimea, and thats why Russian army come to Crimea. Because Crimea (and Russians) ask for protection from new government of Ukraine. Now Crimea ask Russia to be part of Russia. Thats all. I don't want to talk about politics because we have too big "language bridge" Sorry for error. Don't have enough time to fix my spelling. Sorry.
  3. Russia - Ukraine

    I am from Russia. There is only one thing i want to say: if you really thinks about "war" or about military conflict Russia vs Ukraine - please shutdown your TV and never watch it again! Now 21st century and i guess all people understand that TV - lie. I don't know where you get this information about "war", but please never say something if you not sure. Thanks.
  4. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Mod

    I'll try to fix it.
  5. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Mod

    Thanks for feedbacks! It really inspired me.
  6. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Mod

    Thanks for your answer and for idea!The support of Clumsy trait will added. If you have more ideas - feel free to suggest. I love ideas
  7. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Mod

    Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Introduction Hello! First of all i want to ask sorry for my English. This text possibly contains many mistakes. If you found some - please, write me in PM. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ it's a global mod about hardcore. The main goal of this modification - provide as many abilities as possible and make them easy to configure. I release it much earlier as i planned to, because i wanna get feedback - is that actually interesting for someone? And.. sorry.. No dragons yet How it works? This mod have both Java and Lua parts. Original PZ code don't damaged and constains only one line of my code. So, why i need Java? Right now - for nothing. But in future i have some crazy ideas that cannot be realized without Java. Features (aka "Modules") Not much yet: as i say before it's only "testing" release i just want to know - is that interesting for players? So, now mod constains only 1 feature: --> Combat 1. "Weapons Fall Out" When you fight with Blunt weapon it can fall out from the your hands. If you have high Panic or Pain levels chanсes to lose your weapon increase. Passive chance and maximum chance can be edited in configuration. Settings Any "module" or "feature" can be fully custumize thought PZHP configuration file which located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/hardcoreplus/cfg/settings.ini Default config file can be found here: Instalation Copy anything from "to ProjectZomboid" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ (or where your steam is live?) Copy anything from "to Mods" folder to C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/ How to delete mod You can just disable mod through "Mods" menu, but if you want fully disable Java part: Variant #1: delete located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/ Variant #2: download original PZ Java classes -> and copy to C :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ Download Screenshots:
  8. Okay it's your vision.But we was come to that what we start from. You say: Okay, but what about situation when you need run your scripts in specified order?Why? Example in first post - if you want to make structured code.Of cource you can put all your code in single file, but what more easier for you - one file with 10k lines or 10 'themed' files like "utils.lua"---Moreover, think about future - when mods will much more global, when Zomboid will have serverside and clientside lua code.
  9. First of all we should remember that Lua - scripting language. So, any script runs only when we run it. When i mean "include(%file%)" i just saying -> "Hey, please get content of %file% and run it right here" @harakka, thanks you explained it is clear for all!
  10. The next big thing for modding!

    What's about clientside/serverside code? I mean... Some Lua will be available only on client side, some only on server side.
  11. Hello!This suggestion can be interesting only for developers. So if you don't know Lua or Zomboid modding system you won't find nothing for you. So, my main question - why modloader loads EVERY lua file from the "/lua/" directory?I think that this way is totally wrong! That's the same if you write all your java code in single file - do you like that? That way is don't allow to create custom LUA structures for global mods (if someone want to write them).(EDIT: it allows but with help of very tricky ways - timers based on event.Tick and etc) Example:init.lua-- Tables and global vars initializationsomemod = {};include("utils.lua"); --> the analog of dofile() realized from java code, or something similar to that-- Using function from utils.luasomemod.utils:Print("123");utils.lua somemod.utils = {};local utils = somemod.utils;function utils:Print(_text) print(_text);end------------------ I understand that for small mods it's really simple and usefull, but..what about future? What i suggest:Add optional parameter in, that allow to enable Lua loading only from the /somemod/media/lua/authorun/ directory. For example -lua_authorun=trueIf that parameter is not specifed or false - loads lua from /lua/ directory, else - load from /lua/authorun/. Also need to provide function that allow to run another lua scriptinclude(), dofile() -> anything you want. --------------------- That's all, thanks for reading.Sorry for possible grammar mistakes or rough language.English is not my native language and i really don't want to offend someone.