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  1. Yeah I see where you're coming from here, looking over it again I like it a bit, for some reason I thought it was just purely tabs on the sidebar and didn't realize you could see all of your inventory on the main page still.
  2. My main issue with a clothing/pockets inventory system is the way in which things would get convoluted, especially when you're wearing a lot of gear with a lot of space. I can see it working fine in some aspects (tactical rig, different pouches besides just your backpack) but when every hoodie and pair of jeans etc etc you have on has it's own inventory you end up having to scroll through tabs and tabs just to find whatever it is you're looking for. (Maybe I'm wrong and stupid I don't know) The way I see it the best way around this is to take the approach in which whatever gear you
  3. Your saves are located at C:/User/NAME/Zomboid/Saves Just be double sure you back it up and then put it back later. That zomboid folder is the folder you will probably wanna delete as well anyhow. To add onto this, what is the frequency of your processor? I know that the game often has problems with (albeit new) slow processors in my experiences. (When I say slow I don't mean bad, just the clock speed tends to be hanging in the mid to low 2ghz range. Friend of mine had an i7 something or other at 2.3ghz and the game would lag terribly, crash constantly, and had no
  4. Honestly just try uninstalling the game completely, going to your Zomboid folder in your users and deleting that, and reinstalling. Or also try increasing ram. That fixed a few stutters for me, and if you're running on a pc with a cpu with a fairly low clock it could cause it as well. Back in the day I ran the game on an absolutely awful laptop (way before even the first double sized textures update) so I could not speed up time without it crashing, and sleeping was a 50/50.
  5. Personally I think as is the inventory system is "good" but could definitely do with at least a couple changes. I like your first option, mostly to hide gear items you're currently wearing in your inventory to keep from cluttering up the page. The second option you provide I feel just does not fit the game at all. Maybe it could be done? Over my lifetime I've already played enough inventory management simulator to last me the next century. I'd prefer just keeping the tabs as we have it, but with more specific item *types* For example, instead of every single item being called "item
  6. This is only available for the CZombie mod as far as I'm aware, although yes this would be an amazing change for vanilla as all sprinters and all shamblers aren't always what people want. I for one personally enjoy playing with 2% sprinters just to add to the tension, you can't just do horde burns anymore because you get caught out by 2/100 zombies sprinting at you. Having a couple zombies in every hundred be sprinters makes the game much more interesting and fixes the issue with people abusing sirens and molotovs as has been done for the past several years.
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