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  1. I'm on build 41.56 at the moment and feel like I've got a pretty solid base set up. My only issue is that I've set loot to respawn every week, and wind up with huge piles of useless junk on the ground that never despawn. I know I could stuff a lot of this into zombie corpses to remove it, but I was wondering if there was a better method of removing it.
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    VHS: Home

    I actually found one of these VHS tapes as well. I do play with mods, but afaik none of them add VHS tapes to the game. I never tried watching it though, I just put it in a bookshelf. EDIT: I'm currently playing on 41.56. The VHS tape names did not change when exiting and reloading the save, and they can't be put into the TV. I found a second one later on in the game, but since I couldn't do anything with them I just dropped them outside.
  3. I just started on PZ build 41 and I've been having a great time. Something weird just started happening though. I've started a few different games as I played around with mods and saved a preferred character preset as a Fire Officer. The buffs I added were Lucky, Faster Learner, and Keen Hearing. The debuffs I added were Underweight, Agoraphobic, Clumsy, and Conspicuous. This balanced out to 0. During a game the house I was living in caught fire seemingly at random and while trying to put it out, my character fell down dead without any warning. I tried to start a new game with my saved presets, but now picking the Fire Officer profession puts me at -10 without any additional buffs or debuffs. I don't understand why this is happening. EDIT: Apologies, it seems to be caused by the Dynamic Traits mod.
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