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  1. Now that you bring it up, why do zombies magically know a light has been turned up when all the windows are covered and all the doors are closed? I have turned the light on in a tiny interior room on the second floor of a huge building, and 10 sec later 5 zombies rush in from outside, directly to that one room.
  2. Jesse

    Clean Rain

    The rain falling out of the sky is not toxic. It should not be considered toxic the instant it lands in a container specifically built for catching it. You seem unable or unwilling to understand that concept. If you want to make a suggestion for water to become tainted over time, you are welcome to do that in a separate thread if it does not already exist. This suggestion thread is about rainwater itself being an extremely safe and clean source of fresh water, which you cannot deny after I have literally quoted a survival guide on the topic. Stop trying to drag an unrelated topic here.
  3. The current solution I've seen is that someone will make a 'modpack' mod that combines all the mods the server is using and then everyone and the server just uses that 'modpack' without updating it.
  4. I like theses ideas and agree, it would be nice to have actual defences rather than only hiding or taking them on yourself. Spikes should be very easy to make for slowing or killing zombies without attracting more.
  5. Jesse

    Clean Rain

    Here's yet another survival website: https://americasurvival.org/guide/how-to-find-water-in-the-wilderness/ And I'll quote the section on collecting rainwater: "Collecting Rainwater Rainwater is a great source of keeping yourself hydrated in the wild. It is not only the safest but also a convenient way when compared with other options. The reason is that rainwater has a very minimal chance of being contaminated by bacteria. If you find yourself in a tropical rainforest, consider yourself lucky. It is because tropical rainforests receive a lot of rainfall. That means that you can easily collect a good amount of water to hydrate yourself. There are two ways in which you can collect rainwater effectively. The first method includes collecting rainwater in a container or anything that can hold water. If you happen to have your coffee mug with you, it would be enough to store quite a bit of rainwater. Another way of collecting rainwater is by using a tarp. All you need to do is tie it around some trees a few feet above the ground. Now, place a small rock in the center of the tarp to create depression and allow the rainwater to collect." Wow, very informative about collecting rainwater, and it says nothing about needing to sterilize what is already clean. What now? Are you going to claim this all lies and misinformation as well? We get it, stagnant water is bad. That does not mean we are all AIDS patients without immune systems. All these survivalists talking about rainwater being safe to drink are just trying to kill us I guess.
  6. Jesse

    Clean Rain

    Yes, let's throw all the survival books in the world out the window because drinking rainwater out of a clean pot is definitely the same as drinking out of a stagnant puddle. And while you were busy trying to compare two very different things, I've been researching the validity of collecting rainwater during the 1900s when this game takes place. Specifically the general air quality of the US and how it might impact the collection of rainwater. As it turns out, there is actually very little air pollution in the US during this time period, meaning collecting rainwater for drinking would be completely safe. So my point about being able to collect rainwater without it immediately being tainted stands. This would be especially true in a world where all factories have shut down.
  7. Jesse

    Clean Rain

    This link talks only about rainwater collected from your roof via eavestroughs. Of course that would be dirty. This is very different from just setting a clean pot or barrel outside. Here is a quote from a website about survival: "Collecting and drinking rainwater is one of the safest ways to get hydrated without risk of bacterial infection, this is especially true in wild, rural areas." So if every single survival book and show tells you to collect rainwater to survive, why are we poisoned by it in the game?
  8. Jesse

    Clean Rain

    Ok, but leaving a bucket outside during a storm and then drinking what it catches a few hours later is not going to kill you. Unless we're in the center of dozens of unregulated factories, which we're not, then drinking rain water should not be nearly as leathal as this game makes it. Hell, any survival expert will tell you rainwater is the safest thing to drink when you're stranded, but game treats it as poisoning yourself.
  9. They really don't. I thought they did too but nearly reaching fever levels of corpse sickness while wearing a mask proved otherwise.
  10. I also didn't find anything about this on a quick search, so I want to make a topic about it too. So throughout the game you can find clothing pieces that cover your face. I feel that having a face covering should provide protection from corpse sickness depending on what the covering is. Most importantly, I feel that the gas masks you can find in this game should provide immunity to corpse sickness while they are worn. It only makes sense to me, and would boost the usefulness of gas masks when dealing with large piles of corpses. Obviously a gas mask won't help you if you stand in an enclosed room with a running generator, that would be an issue of not enough oxygen. But for keeping out the flies buzzing around a pile of dead bodies? I think a gas mask should work just fine for that. I'm honestly surprised there are no mods for this already. I actually want to learn how to mod this game just to solve this.
  11. A quick forum search didn't pull up any results for this so I thought I would put it out there. Rain is supposed to be pure, clean water. So it makes no sense at all to me that Rain Collector Barrels and open containers placed outside during rain storms fill up with Tainted Water and not clean water. I can completely understand water from the river or small lakes and ponds being tainted and needing to be boiled first, but why are we needing to boil rain water?? The only possible reason you might need to boil rain water would be pollution, but everything is shut down here. There are no factories spewing out pollution when the population is dead, so it just makes no sense to me why we have to jump through this extra hoop to get clean water or die for skipping it.
  12. I love how there are several people having a hard time finding these and then this one troll who got lucky feels he needs to be as obnoxious as possible in bragging that he found some. In all my time playing B41 I only ever found a sledge once. It was on my first ever playthrough as well, in the metal shelves of the Rosewood firestation. Since this thing is so hard to find, I found a mod that bumps up the spawn rate a bit to increase the chance of finding it. And if that doesn't work, Another mod let's me craft one at lvl 8 metalworking.
  13. Version 41.65 Multiplayer Host Using mods, they do not affect PVP Reproduction steps: 1. Enable PVP and Safety System 2. Turn on PVP mode and die. 3. Spawn with new character 4. Do not turn PVP back on, attack any player who has PVP mode off. I have not done any extensive testing, but we have been turning PVP on when a player gets infected so everyone chase down the infected player. But then people who turn PVP on are able to attack players who do not have PVP turned on.
  14. I just started a multiplayer server and spawned in Riverside. I'm trying to claim the school as a safehouse but the game keeps saying that it's occupied, even though I've already cleared all the zombies in it. The house across the street lets me claim it no problem, so I don't understand what's going on with the school. EDIT: Realized that zombie corpses need to be removed, and there is a zombie corpse stuck between some bookshelves. EDIT: Thank you to Shellite for their answer, I did not know non-residential buildings could not be claimed as a safehouse. I hope in a future update we can have the option to claim any building as a safehouse.
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