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  1. M2xim


    I can't get sprinters to work correctly. It work at first but usually it doesn't even take a full day and they all switch to slow shamblers.
  2. Why did you remove splittscreen multiplayer from the game? NVM remote play is bullshit i had to plug my controller so he can play with his lol
  3. Yeah just looked it up it's 2013 i've been playing since the game is on steam i don't even know why i had 2009 in mind i never played zombie shooter. My mistake.
  4. I don't know i've been playing since 2009 and i never ran out of weapons. Even on CDDA challenge it's litteraly the only thing i manage to hoard. I'm not saying people shouldn't use them i'm just saying, personnally i never had a situation where i could need one and having them break under 20 hits isn't really an incentive to bring me to craft. Looks more like a grind for a small niche of players than anything. I don't craft tools for the same reason. Usually i stop playing a save after 2-3 weeks(IG) because i have everything to be self suficient and don't need to go out anymore... Plus i know a couple of safe places where even the helicopter event doesn't bring me a single zombie so my collection of weapons is more of a decoration than anything lol
  5. I never got into spears because even if they fun to use and look cool they had low durability. Spending all that time and taking all these risks to craft things that only last 20 hits and then take more risks by using them felt like an handicap with everything available in the game.(not even including mods) The nerf sound kindda funny, i feel bad for spear users.
  6. Hey guys! Just wanna know if you could split the degradation settings into 2 settings? If possible i'd like to be able to have dirtiness ON whithout having damage on clothing activated. Edit: Having those 2 settings in sandbox for weapons would be nice too.
  7. I just infected my exercise fatigue.
  8. Came back after a couple of updates, love all the customizations being added to the game i hope there's some clothing coming too i just love collecting all that stuff ^^. I just have one quick question though? Is there a setting somewhere for the accumulation of dirt on the character and where can i find it? I don't want to deactivate it entirely, i would just lower it a little bit. It's kindda weird that i don't even have time to loot the entire spawn without looking like i've spent the day working the fields xD (it always happen before i even get outside for the first time)
  9. You're right about that, but as a guy who need to dig trough snow to get outside of his appartment when it's winter i can also say you wouldn't be freezing to death with a jacket on at 6°C. In fact, a simple hoodie and pair of jeans would do a good job at keeping you alive. It's -11°C here right now and i'm doing just fine with my autumn jacket. I'll probably wear that until we reach between -20°C and -30°C, then i'll get my winter jacket and probably freeze to death even with that thing on if i spend extended periods of time outside. Right now character reactions and endurance to lower temperature doesn't make sense. I don't get why i'm getting hungry or tired because of the cold. The only reason i'm more tired in winter is because days are shorter and it's still dark outside when i wake up and as soon as i'm done with work. Nothing to do with the temperature. And if something i eat less because i don't heat my place very much and the floor is cold as **** so i avoid going downstairs for as long as possible when i'm home. Don't get me wrong, winter IS deadly and should be in the game if unprepared, but with a little bit of preparation anyone would do just fine under these conditions. Especially in those soft winter conditions the Kentucky map offer.
  10. oh i didn't understand, i thought you were talking about the chambered bullet. I didn't thought you could have more ammo in your magazine, that's an actual bug lol
  11. It's not a bug it's a game mechanic, when you rack a firearm a bullet go into the barrel , then you can refill the magazine to have one extra bullet. If you try to do this with any revolver in the game it won't work since the ammo are in the cylinder. Won't work with the double barrel shotgun either since you reload by placing shells dirrectly in the barrels. When you rack it after unloading you remove that bullet from the barrel, it's not extra ammo. It just work like a real gun.
  12. Thanks, it's a little bit unintuitive since i have to do the exact opposite when i vault over smaller fences but at least now i can climb those damn fences instead of face hugging them until i die! YEAAAaa!
  13. i'm still unable to climb tall fences. it's totally random i need to be really lucky to manage climbing one.
  14. M2xim


    I can't climb tall fences, i know which key i need to use since i managed to do it once or twice in like 50 attempts. Most of the time my character just keep walking with his face in the fence until zombies catch up and bite me.
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