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  1. If a Wooden Spear is crafted by using a Chipped Stone which is in a container, the Chipped Stone is first moved to player inventory and then removed when the crafting is complete. This does not happen if the Chipped Stone is directly in player inventory, instead of in a container. (I use no mods).
  2. Dang! Yes, you're right. Just right-clicking the pot, and you can move the water between vessels. What about the empty soda cans? Could those be filled with water?
  3. Hi! I've seen that it is not possible to purify tainted water bottles by throwing them into a campfire (which seems logical, considering they're plastic made). So, I'm using cooking pots to purify the water. However, pots are significantly heavy. Is it possible to fill the plastic bottles by moving the water from the pots? If not... Are the bottle completely useless once they're empty?
  4. Olafo


    Hello, MadDan2013. Yes, they'll add it eventually. You can read the last news about it: here. It's taking a bit longer than expected, but it'll be there. Hola, MadDan2013. Sí, lo añadirán finalmente. Puedes leer las últimas noticias al respecto aquí. Les está tomando más tiempo del esperado, pero lo acabarán incluyendo.
  5. Hello, I'm new in the forums so forgive me if I'm not posting in the appropriate place. I'm playing 41.5 beta (without mods) and I've seen that the Snow Shovel can be used to dig graves (as a regular Shovel), however, if I want to take a mailbox, the mandatory tools are: the Shovel and the Trowel, but it is not possible with the Snow Shovel. Is this intended or is it an easy fix that could be applied to the game?
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