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  1. BUG: Cannot transfer items from inventory to equipped fanny packs. Workaround: drop or transfer items outside character and then transfer back into selected container>fannypack. Not sure if I can drag and drop items in fanny pack from inventory with a mouse, but with a controller using item menu's to transfer > into inventory or backpack - fannypack option does not show up even though it is equipped and has space for it. Maybe the game doesn't recognise this extra storage yet IDK..
  2. Played with a controler for a few years, single player, split screen and split screen multiplayer, I can say it's pretty good with the aiming rework, well done with jogging/sprinting, excluding a few hiccups, for instance in random order: 1. When I am in the device menu, and I press left button above the trigger and lose focus on the menu, I cannot seem to be able to get it back. 2.Disclaimer in main menu does not interact with controllers, same goes with character creation - sprite rotation, or the prompt to quit when selected from main menu yes/no only clickable with mouse. 3.Controllers cannot select colours or input symbols in the game at all. 4.Dual monitor recognition and adaptivity, I just stretch it out in extended screen, but it's windowed meh. 5.When standing next to multiple electrical devices, I have no information which one I am turning on or off. Luckly I have steam controler and it can act as mouse and keyboard on command to remedy most of this. 6.I wish the game utilized left stick more to flavor the variety of walking speed, it feels bottish when character has no fluidity between 0-100, (not counting running), especially when vehicles have this. 7.I don't currently remember if menu opacity is a thing, but it should be for when selecting containers to the south of your character with your inventory open you'd see which ones you are selecting better. 8.Default spacing between item Type and Category should Include more space for Type to allow for longer names and prevent cutoff which obscures item quantity. More UI scaling options would be welcome. 9.I don't have a solution but moving and switching weapons at the same time is impossible, it's one and then the other, not both.(Maybe tapping or double tapping weapon select button could select next weapon instead of bringing up the menu IDK...) 10.Farming needs farming selection not to dissapear once you press info on the crop for it to be ready to move on to the next one. (seems minor, but it really is obnoxious) All in all there is some jank to get used to, but I am happy with your work,, the game really came a long way. I work at the front line and thanks to you i have something to come home to. You guys, are the real heroes.
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