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  1. BUG: Cannot transfer items from inventory to equipped fanny packs. Workaround: drop or transfer items outside character and then transfer back into selected container>fannypack. Not sure if I can drag and drop items in fanny pack from inventory with a mouse, but with a controller using item menu's to transfer > into inventory or backpack - fannypack option does not show up even though it is equipped and has space for it. Maybe the game doesn't recognise this extra storage yet IDK..
  2. Played with a controler for a few years, single player, split screen and split screen multiplayer, I can say it's pretty good with the aiming rework, well done with jogging/sprinting, excluding a few hiccups, for instance in random order: 1. When I am in the device menu, and I press left button above the trigger and lose focus on the menu, I cannot seem to be able to get it back. 2.Disclaimer in main menu does not interact with controllers, same goes with character creation - sprite rotation, or the prompt to quit when selected from main menu yes/no only clickable with mouse.
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