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  1. Hi, I have encountered a problem with the textures of rotten ham and rotten steak, the only active mod is the necroforge to spawn objects. does it happen to anyone else? thanks for the answer
  2. Ok thanks for the answer, I hope the bug dont kill me and only loose health.
  3. The only mod installed is "eris_minimap".
  4. Instakill after loading my game, it's the third time this bug has happened to me, the other two times I've only lost health. It seems that I die for fall damage.
  5. I have the same problem but is a sound issue, sometimes sounds in the right auricular and others times sounds in the left, only happen with the engine start.
  6. Hello everyone this is my doubt Why the walls I made in the second floor are transparent this is normal or some kind of bug?
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