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  1. Karch

    Techno Babbloid

    I can't wait to find bugs you guys couldn't have even imagined tests for!
  2. That's all I'm asking for (but I'm going to just keep asking for it). Don't feel like we're impatient, but we're just waiting for that to happen before we jump into build41 (or 42, or wherever the game is when MP is re-introduced. I'm so ready to be bit by zombies that only other players can see, and to have ghost doors opening and closing throughout a session, and have dropped sessions, and all the wonderful problems that make early access so interesting.
  3. I really do, though. My group of friends and I don't mind dying to bugs or crashing cars into each other because of rubber banding ... but none of us are going to play single-player.
  4. Great work, but I'm just going to keep harping on getting us a broken multiplayer build to test out!
  5. Karch

    Shoving off

    I'm really looking forward to MP so I can get back to playing with my small group of friends. Please consider rolling some multiplayer into the next IWBUMS build, even if it's broken/incomplete, it'd be great to get together with my friends and see all the hard work that's gone into it!
  6. Looks like it's displaying the skysphere, used for reflections on things like car windows.
  7. Karch

    "Interesting Times"

    Stay safe! I know with all this social distancing, I'm looking forward to the MP feature release more than ever!
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