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  1. These can make the pack more iconic
  2. Playing in split screen with a friend it's a good experience in this game. But with the predefined settings the game gets uncomfortable at some aspects *not being able to choose between horizontal and vertical division forces you to depend on the far away vision making the character vulnerable *the menus can block the vision of all the players and it will be a good an option make them all small as the inventory *the friendly fire can be activated with K, a visual icon to show it can help; I killed my partner once by accident *This one maybe can be not possible but a way to divide the game in to individual windows can be great to play with 2 screens in the expand projection mode of windows
  3. version 41.36, 2 zeds, hand axe/metal pipe, the character just got the horde surround insta-death, happened 2 times and the stairs cant let me move freely they feel like rails
  4. Sure, i was fighting 2 zombies in the second floor, when i tried to get into the first floor then one of the zeds tried to catch my character, I pushed it and the game played the animation when a whole horde surrounds you
  5. This happens in the main stairs of the Rosewood firefighter´s station Please fix it
  6. Erick


    When you are playing with a controller the game allows you to jump over barricaded windows
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