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  1. Yesterday AMD released Adrenalin 22.8.1 which fixes the problem (at least for me).
  2. Go to www.amd.com click "Drivers & Support" at the top menu. Select your graphics card and then download e.g "Adrenalin 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL)" Start the installer and it will offer you to downgrade.
  3. I can assure you it is no trojan. But when I just uploaded the zip archive to virus total I was baffeled that 5 scanners think this is malicious software, Here is the source, which is 90% the visual studio generated sample with some additions by me: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ozl328ljhjjzkye/ZomboidClickToStartFix-src.zip/file If you can read it you could compile it yourself.... If in doubt I suggest you use "Simple Runtime Window Editor" from github. - then "Select running Application" and select Project Zomboid - then on the tree select the window with the name "Project Zomboid" - select the "Window Styles" tab - click "WS_BORDER" two times This is the same my program does....
  4. For people that do not want to downgrade your driver (like me) I made another workaround. Based on my findings I wrote a litte utility that forces a window refresh by setting and removing WS_BORDER. I tested it with Fullscreen and Borderless Window and it worked for me in both cases. Usage: After clicking when getting the "Click to start" message and getting stuck, click the "Try to Fix..." button on my program. Download here https://www.mediafire.com/file/x29cxq6cv1cz5rz/ZomboidClickToStartFix.zip/file I hope this is ok to post here, if not just delete this post and I will not repost it.
  5. I do get a huge performance boost, especially during rain and storms when zoomed out. Another fix would be toggling the "WS_DLGFRAME" flag with the "Simple Runtime Window Editor" (haven't tried other flags). For me its easier than going through the window resize stuff. Vsync seems also broken with this driver, hopefully AMD will fix all this without crippling the performance again
  6. Yes switching to borderless after applying the fix also works. As long as I load into the game windowed and resize the window by any means (maximizing or using Win+some arrow key) I get the rendering back and it stays normal until I quit. Starting in borderless and minimizing the window by using Win+Down Arrow does not help.
  7. Tried it, but it didn't help. The black screen with the text stays in front. Running the game in windowed mode with lower than desktop resolution and maximizing/restoring it helped though. After that I could switch to fullscreen without any issues (until I restart the game).
  8. After updating my Driver from 22.6.1 to 22.7.1 (which claims to have some nice OpenGL optimizations) I do not get a picture after loading/starting a game. The main menu works normal and after creating/loading a game everything also looks normal. I can see the "These are the end times" and so on. Then the "click to start" appears and after clicking I can hear the game running, but I still only see the black screen with "This is how you died" and "click to start" messages. I can hear the character moving around and attacking. Esc seems to open the menu and pause the game. I tried 41.73 and the current stable version. I also created a clean "Zomboid" folder without any changes. Fullscreen or Boderless Window does not make any difference. I also reinstalled the driver with the "Factory reset" option enabled without any success. GPU is a Radeon 6800.
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