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  1. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7269108811919932,0.25575314891775264,413.58591258927
  2. I found several cars with more than 100% remaining battery. if I go out and then reload the game, the battery back to 100%
  3. Manta

    double jump

    I tried with all the weapons you see on the ground and it happens only with the gun. just starting from a standstill, if I run I jump normally Project Zomboid 2019.11.20 -
  4. Manta

    double jump

    I use windows 7, it happened to me only with the gun in my hand and only starting from a stop against the fence
  5. probably there were more important bugs to solve
  6. I was watching what clothes the different professions have and came across this mistake
  7. in food with boxes the nutritional values have always been seen because it should be written on the box, you don't see it on vegetables and normal food: bread, ham, mutton chop, chicken, berry, mushroom, fish, rabbit meat, steak ecc.. and on food cooked by you, if you don't have the trait
  8. sometimes you think you have cleaned up an area of zombies, it's not nice to see them appear out of nowhere, it would be better if maybe 20-30 seconds before they appear you see a pile of moved earth where they will appear, so that it seems to come from the underground where they were buried P.S. congratulations for the great work done so far
  9. as the title suggests helves seem empty but have items
  10. in west point enigma books and mendy's eatery
  11. Manta

    double jump

    when he climbs with a gun in his hand, he first falls and then makes another jump
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