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  1. Camarada

    Super Survivors!

    Thanks for answering, the survivors have not disappeared again, so I have not been able to try the trick of the "u" key. What has happened to me again is that another survivor has died, I don't know why this happens. The survivor had food and water, but health began to drop continuously until he died, he also had no injuries. Does this happen to someone else? it's a mistake? Or are the survivors suicidal? Do they get sick? and if so, why do they get sick? can survivors get sick from nearby bodies? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Gracias por resp
  2. Camarada

    Super Survivors!

    Hi all First, I want to apologize for my English, I have used a translator. I want to thank all the people who have cooperated in the creation of this MOD, in some situations the survivors are very outstanding, they also complement that key ingredient that the game lacks and greatly changes the way of playing. It may be a stupid question, but what do the names in blue or white mean? I know that the color red is an enemy, is it normal for the names of your survivors to change color each time you load the saved game? I would also like to comment on some bugs or bugs. - One of th
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