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  1. Has anyone else noticed that rosewood is over 100 miles from muldraugh irl and they managed to place it within a days traveling distance? Also it seems to be covering a good portion of New Denver, has anyone had issues with this? I never could get ND to work.
  2. I'd like to add my 2ยข to this thread. I purchased project zomboid after watching Robbaz's series of PZ, sometime late 2014 (build 27?). I honestly can't remember what I paid for the game at the time but the content was easily worth the asking price nowadays. ($17cad) Well worth the 200hours I've spent playing PZ. However I haven't played much in the last year due to lack of updates in gameplay to keep my small mind interested (Less than 40h since 2x res update) Now I know a lot of things have changed since early 2016 (nutrition, new traits, ECT.) But nothing that r
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