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  1. jdog2115

    What have you been playing?

    I've been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program recently. The 0.21 update brought a lot of new features, it's crazy how far it's gone since when I first bought it in very early alpha. Other than that I have been playing Saints Row the Third, and Grand Theft Auto IV (along with EFLC) in preparation for GTA5. I also have a huge stash of indie games I have been meaning to play somewhere on my desktop
  2. jdog2115

    Apocalyptic text adventure game!

    A red rose, a single, nearly perfect, red rose. It is so crazy how such a small sight is a beauty in this apocalyptic world. This brought back memories, before the attack, my first date with my wife, well ex-wife now, Sandra. We were at a nice sit down restaurant located just outside of the city limits. I bought a crisp red rose for her, her favorite kind. I got lost in thinking about Sandra when suddenly I heard a...