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  1. 45 minute days would be awesome!! (Or maybe be able to add a manual input.) There are 13-23 hour day lengths that i feel like not many people use. But 45 minutes would be awesome.
  2. Playing with my friends and 30 minutes seems too short and 1 hour days seem too long. 45 minute days are currently not an option, might be worth to add a slider for exact timings.
  3. Any chance we can get 45 minute days option, i feel like 30 mins means i have to rush during daylight, but an hour a day is a bit slow paced. I was wondering if we could get something in between? Another suggestion i have is could we make it so in multiplayer everyone can sleep regardless of their tired moodle. It gets tedious if your squad all has different tirednesses, or one accidentally moves during the night. Thanks!
  4. Found a bug: You usually cant put frozen food in a stew/soup/strir fry, but if you use the crafting screen u can bypass it
  5. how do you refill a car with gas, i got a can full of gas, where in the ui can i refill the car?
  6. If you have easy mode disabled, where are you supposed to find keys to unlock a car? How am i supposed to get into the locked cars?
  7. Night brightness is a little glitchy with co-op, might be because the light factor thing in the settings (nightLengthModifier). It is dark sometimes, but when i save server settings (in admin panel) it gets bright for a few mins, then comes back to darkness.
  8. Anyone get the Pitch Black nights to work in the easy co-op mode, i think it might be a bug caused by the nightlengthmodifier variable. It seems to make pitch black lighter than it should be.
  9. Pitch black night is not working when i do host btw. It might have to do with the NightLengthModifier thing affecting it.
  10. I love the ideas of the Pitch Black, but when the power goes out, the street lamps should turn off imo.
  11. What was the command for disabling easy vehicles, and where do i put it, i cant seem to get it to work.
  12. Yeah they really do need a reason to to have medics. This would be good.
  13. How do i get the models to work, I just dowloaded it and im not getting models =( Do I have to do anything else other than download it?
  14. I get disconnected everytime i try to join after i make my character. - Verified Game cache - Turned off all Mods - Am running IWBUMS 35.22b Log: 1480628389115 FBO: creating 16x16 1480628389117 FBO: creating 8192x4096 1480628389120 SafeMode is off 1480628389134 Loading 3D models 1480628390080 fmod: Java_fmod_javafmodJNI_FMOD_1Sound_1GetData:3893 JNI_FMOD_Sound_GetData correct buffer 1480628390483 shared-descriptor: registered id=1000 1480628390483 shared-descriptor: registered id=1001 1480628390483 shared-descriptor: registered id=1003 1480628390483 shared-descriptor: registered id=1004 1480628390483 shared-descriptor: registered id=1006 1480628390540 using spawn region Rosewood, KY 1480628390540 6 possible spawn points 1480628390699 znet: Java_zombie_core_raknet_RakNetPeerInterface_disconnect 1480628390736 znet: Connection closed: reason=1 port=1 1480628390738 RakNetPeerInterface.connectionStateChangedCallback state=Disconnected message= thread=Thread[UdpEngine,5,main] 1480628390738 [VOICE MANAGER] VoiceConnectClose uuid=99433372767 1480628390738 znet: Java_zombie_core_raknet_RakVoice_CloseVoiceChannel 1480628393999 znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange 1480628395949 znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange 1480628421699 waiting for UdpEngine thread termination 1480628421710 znet: Java_zombie_core_raknet_RakNetPeerInterface_Shutdown 1480628421757 znet: Java_zombie_core_znet_SteamUtils_n_1Shutdown
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