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  1. Hey everyone, I'm having problems installing the server on my new (fresh installed) Ubuntu machine: As far as the guideline questions go: What are the specs of the server? 3GB Ram, 4 VCores, 5GB SSD Space. What OS is the server running on? Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid) What is your connection speed? Can't test, supposed to be a dedicated 100M connection Did you try to fix your problem and how? Multiple installation attempts, reinstalled the OS, tried Ubuntu 12.04 and 15.04 so far. Tried Installing as both, steam user (created as advised in the tutorial) as well as root. What's the issue, exactly and what did you try to fix it? "Projectzomboid Dedicated Server" script is not showing among the files. Tried to use the advise of repeating the entire process on a freshly installed server, but it failed (3 times total) Is the server being run on a VPS or home computer? It's a rented linux VPS. Additional Info I tried both, IWBUMS and the regular version, checking the files on every installation. Neither state had the dedicated server files in the folders. The current contents of my installation directory are the following: steam@xxx:~/Zomboid$ ls projectzomboid projectzomboid.sh steamapps Output from steam was: Success! App '108600' fully installed. (Of course, including download, and workshop download, etc. - No error messages) Help would be greatly appreciated, if I should provide any logs or outputs, feel free to ask! I feel like I'm doing something wrong, maybe I'm making the mistake here, maybe I'm using an old app-id (108600) or anything. I'm really not sure, it used to work a few versions prior. Edit: Added content_log to the attachments, it shows that it gets a depot_id (the one for linux) and successfully finishes downloading, so I'm not sure if there's any help, but I thought I might add it either way. If you need any of the other logs, I have 'em all here!) Edit: Solved the problem: The Pinned tutorial shows the wrong app-id (108600) for server files. Instead I used 380870, which worked just fine. Now I'm having all the files needed to go content_log.txt
  2. Might want to adjust the app-id for the server files, since they are now split between client and server files for steamcmd
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