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    Hydrocraft Mod

    I think the opium cooking is still bugged. also computers still arent makeable.
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    InSayne Companionship - An NPC companion.

    i know it's difficult to see your creation, or any part of it, scoffed at, belittled, or attacked, Sir, but haters gonna hate, and trolls are gonna troll. The keyboard warriors are going to continue to make trolling comments, and then sit and smugly smile, nod to non-existent friends, and do the "Superior dance" because they made someone else's day just a little bit worse. Shake it off, Boss, Shake it Off. I applaud the time anyone who is modding PZ has put into it, the love and effort, and that's truly some of the great things about this game- the modders who care enough to try, and the Devs who benignly encourage it. I'd like to ask that we ALL just put on our "troll-blinders"- our "troll-blocking-sunglasses", and let the attention from the non-existent, nodded-to friend be the ONLY attention said trolls enjoy.
  3. Found it, and registered as well. Please tell me this is JUST dead body cleanup, etc.. I've done a lot of building at twiggys but mostly just for the xp and carpentry skill, so thats no biggie, but if i have to start all over without all the great crap I have, lol..please, God of this Server.. nooooooooooo ! Allright, as loaded down as possible, fingers crossed, hoping for the best, because my pal will be joining me on here soon. He's been on vacation until tomorrow.
  4. hey, I keep seeing the server is being restarted, at 12 am EST, so every night I load myself down with stuff to on the verge of back injury. there's a timer somewhere, where would this be, and any details relevant if available would be appreciated. thanks.
  5. Actually, apparently finding anyone who wants to team up is nigh on impossible. I get visitors at twiggy's, but they seem much more interested in stealing all my stuff and running. I kinda feel sorry for whoever ate the cabbage soup, once bleach is added it still looks good. I found him next door at the gun store, WITH my stuff, dead and shambling. The gun store re-spawns like anywhere else, so it's pretty much a daily supply, although others have obviously found that out as well. They should thank ME, though. I'm the guy who carried the friggin sledgehammer all the way ON FOOT from Mudraugh to get the dang thing open. If I have it to do again, by golly, I'll knock a hole in the back and wall it up, they wont be able to see it's been breached.
  6. Looking for survival partners/ clan members- leave message at Twiggys. Dr. Lechter