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  1. i will send u templates of houses once i get rolling
  2. yeah its alot of work and ive hardly scratched the surface. im glad to hear people are helping out with projects this is good. i want to recreate my home town which is rather large but i can reduce the amount of area due to flood zones..my town is on a flood plain and gets hit hard so i was thinking of creating that as a theme for map. This can create challenges for players. the way i see it is there is the higher ground areas that are less effected by the water and than in the flood zone createmaze like cells with narrow paths filled with zombies u kinda have to go through certain buildings
  3. thx for the reply =) ah man it would be great if you could post a tutorial! pie in the sky thoughts. but on the topic of tbx files, would it not be a good idea for mappers to submit tbx files on simple generic houses if each mapper even submitted a few per project. i can understand people put there time and effort into building, but even for me i would be happy to submit my more genric homes and keep my more custom for my personal maps. its almost like in the real world comercial resident builders kinda each have there own stamp cookie cutter housing models. think of the variety you could h
  4. hello thuztor i have recently been into mapping PZ and i have succesfully created my streetl ,buildings , a water tower and what not. All this has been simplified by reading your tutorials and watching your vids. awesome job and thank you for sharing what u have learned. I was wondering though is there ways to make custom textures and tiles exe. exterior wall colors , creating signs and other objects to place in map to make our towns/projects feel more like that particular town. and another question is there a way to open previously built homes through the building editor from the original gam
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