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  1. Infrequent Crashes resulting in cell reset

    i think this may have to do with how the server saves. Once i put it to 1 and it saves every minute i seem to not run into the issue anywhere near as much.
  2. Infrequent Crashes resulting in cell reset

    i am having this same issue with HydroCarft with PowerPump on the Vehicles Branch. It seems like any time i melee a zombie i get a 10% chance that the zombies on the screen will walk in place then disappear. I have users having the same issue. Its completely random. Sometimes its 2 hours sometimes 2 minutes over and over. I have lost many fully loaded cars to this issue. Its frustrating as alot of building and such get reverted back. Sometimes on the server i dont even see an error. It just stops responding.
  3. Can't run my server

    im having this same issue after the update last night.