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  1. Thank you guys so much for the posts! Keep them coming!
  2. Post about your safehouse here maybe? listing some pros and cons? What would be the best place to set up a safehouse? If anyone posts, let the battle begin!
  3. Never forget POTATOES! If you aren't going to contribute to the thread and just potato spam, take that elsewhere.
  4. Alright, got a bit more research on this from experience. Stay indoors, stay Well Fed at all times, sleep a lot, take any medicine that might help if avaliabe, and to avoid boredom read books.
  5. As EnigmaGrey said, Tissues will help mute your sneezes and coughs, and also I suppose lots of rest would help.
  6. "Why at Night the difference?" "Chances are that it might be related to our night cycle. Cause when the dark comes over us it might be useful to focus more on brain capacity to other senses, especialy hearing that happen to any human or zombie ^_^" - Quote from http://postimg.org/image/hgx0d174p/ text at the bottom right corner.
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