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  1. I like it as a toggeable feature. It would make the late-game more challenging.
  2. What happens if two heavy weapons collide? Black hole?
  3. I agree. It's one of the hardest out there though. The thing is Mount & Blade is a very melee-focused game, while PZ is more dynamic. Even in Napoleonic Wars all the firearms have horrible accuracy and long reload animations. By the time people have the balls to brawl agaisnt eachother in MP they'll most probably already have guns to spare. I do like this idea for fighting off human NPCs though.
  4. Waiting while sleeping might be too boring, and if I want a 16 hour bonus I might as well fall asleep in real life. Alt + tabbing out of the game and doing something else would make people an easy target for raids up to the point where the bonus isn't even worth it. Besides, you wouldn't even need the bonus if you spend the time you would spend sleeping in doing actual activity.
  5. Granted. The end is so saddening it drifts you into a depressive state. The only reason you go outside is to get food or more handkerchiefs for your tears. I wish I could find a solution to the great dilemma; Blanket on, too hot. Blanket off, too cold.
  6. That's because players are scarier than zombies
  7. I can really see an abandoned truck holding a bunch of these. Plus, they will come in extra handy when your party of NPCs is thirsty!
  8. Those two features are already planned. No ETAs though.
  9. I'd imagine Sheet + Whiskey Bottle + Twig/Sturdy stick would be a torch, right?
  10. If this happens, I will use a skirt in all my characters and ask Enigma to change my member title to Scotland Forever. +1!
  11. +1 I was just thinking about this, actually. Just imagine the middle of the night, dark as a monkey's ass, then suddenly, a lightning strike comes in and flashes a horde in the distance. That would be both awesome and terrifying!
  12. Granted. Your peaches have a huge fight about who you want to eat the most, and die together in a beautiful explosion of mutually-assured destruction! I wish I could sleep more.
  13. ''These berries can either cure my asthma, or blow up my lungs. Hmm..'' I don't agree with the suggestion 100%, but it has potential. +1.
  14. Why? What if you build a staircase the wrong way? What if you need to stay clear of zombies in your safehouse? Also, I'm pretty sure the devs are working on a penalty for sheet ropes.
  15. It doesn't look like a ''little'' fort to me.
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