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    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey Hydro ! Just note about trapping. In order to use bait her hunger value should be at least 5. However, many of the added items (grass, bark, termites, maggots, etc.) do not have this. Also lacking prescription plucking small birds.
  2. As Rathlord said. And I did it, I thought you could see the reason why I hidden your post... But yeah, keep on the subject please. Fine, thank for responding. I'm sorry, I'll be more attentive in future.
  3. Hm... somebody just delete my post ? No answer, no explanations.. Nice work ! I see you really need help from community (sarcasm)

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi Hydro. Good work as always. Some report - milkweed root has no icon.

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Also, black coffee and homemade pancake batter do not appear in the preparation. All ingredients are spent, but nothing appears in the result. Have no idea whats wrong...

    Hydrocraft Mod

    A fine work man ! Your mod made PZ larger and larger. Thanks a lot for this ) Some bugreports: 1) Drying fruits is not working, because baking tray is not generated in world. I corrected the recipe for roasting pan. Same problem with cookies. Maybe this is only my problem. 2) Packages of fruit do not leave empty zip bags, because recipes incorrectly specified name - Instead of ReplaceOnUse = HCZipperbag, it says it is ReplaceOnUse = HCZipperbagempty, 3) Does not display a picture package with dried apples, because her name wrong - Instead of Icon = HCDriedapplebag, it says it is HCDriedapplesbag. 4) Does not display a picture corn on the cob, because her name wrong - Instead of Icon = HCCorncob, it says it is HCCornvob. Same problem with homemade pancakes: pancakes -> pancake That's all, as I find something else to get back to you soon. P.s. - sorry for my english )
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