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  1. No never have and i used kingsmouth each time as a control but it happened on any map if my save was more than a couple hours old.
  2. yes i did. did you even read the post? Its fine on a new save, but progressively goes down over time. Might sound like i'm complaining since it says 130 fps but after a few hours this is 30 fps...
  3. I have an nvidia 2070 super and after awhile i was getting around 60-80fps. Delete and reinstall, 300 fps. Put my old save data in new zomboid folder(NOT options or anything else, only character and map data) and bam, back down to 75fps. Ive been troubleshooting this for literally 12 hours and it's hurting my brain, any support would be appreciated. As you can see on the bottom left my fps shoots off into oblivion on a clean install, but as soon as i put my save i can barely keep 100. This is starting a character in the same place on an event map so it's not just location/zombies and i didnt change any options so the graphics settings are actually way lower on the second data set.
  4. Make sure you enable the mod in the Mods screen on the main page. Double click the Mod to turn it on and get the green check. Also, I always exit and restart after enabling a Mod. Not sure if this makes a difference but I do it anyway. Yeah i fixed it, had it in the mods folder in my steam folder instead of my users folder. I have one more question though, and it might be stupid. This works with the lucky trait and police offer profession right?
  5. The build 27 canning mod has been working fine with build 28 in SP for me. Can't say for MP.
  6. Trying to use this with the latest build of pz but it doesn't seem to be working. I installed it but was still finding default pistols. I just drop it in my mods folder the same way I do any other pz mod right?
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