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  1. I would just like to say that I love your server! It presents an excellent challenge to veteran players!! I just hope that it is back up soon!
  2. Have not been able to log on since switching over to build 28?!?!?! The server offline?
  3. I cannot bloody well get build 28! Not auto updating to it and I cannot find a place to DL it myself! Nevermind.... I am a dumb-ass! I got it rolling now!
  4. Is the server down? I have been trying to log on for several hours now and nothing.
  5. Thanks a lot! I got back on now! I was really hoping to be able to! I really like the server and the people on it! Great job!
  6. Good Day, My user name is Dominique. I am getting an error that says username/password is invalid when trying to login to server. Is the server now password protected? Secondly before that I kept getting a message saying that I was already logged into server. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you. Just tried again and it says: "User already connected on the server"
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