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  1. Thank you very much. All is working now I don't know why it was crashing before. Cheers.
  2. That would be great if you could Even playing coop mode with friends it's much better when everyone using the same mode and make sure you got enough loaded mags. Thank you.
  3. Hi. Far as I know I can't force hardcore reloading in the server options? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for this mod. I am downloading now if I find any bug s I will let you know
  5. Hi all. I'm running a server off my laptop on the normal build and I am not sure how to edit how much ram the server can use. I run the server from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server/ProjectZomboid64. But I don't know how to edit the ram usage. I can start edit the StartServer64 batch file and then run it. But on that one I can't join the server at all. Can any one help me out? Thank you.
  6. Hi all. Sorry to ask but I am running windows 10 64bit and would like to test the new build with my friends. But when I try load a dedicated server for the vehicle build it will crash almost instantly Anyone know a fix maybe? Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Hi all. Just like to ask if have player one (using mouse & keyboard) in the right side of the screen instead of the left side? Thank you.
  8. When I try use this modloader with build 34.13 on the main menu I get no text or options just the picture. How can I fix this please? Thanks for any help.
  9. Thank you I need something good to play while in hospital. Just got to not shout when sneaky zed scares me lol.
  10. Just to confirm as I can't get this working right now but is this mod and the modloader compatible with 34.13? Sorry been out the loop on pz for a while thank you.
  11. Thank you. Such a good mod just need the cars working so I can move my loot lol
  12. After reinstalling the game and deleting and any left over files the mod working fine now Must of been remains of an another mod I used months ago that was messing up something. And with hardcore reload on this the best thing ever makes the game 100% better. Just to confirm do the mod firearms spawn anywhere or just at the normal places like police station, gun shop, shooting range? Thank you.
  13. Thanks I will do a total wipe out then reinstall the game should fix it I hope lol.
  14. Sorry what cheat menu? I never have use any cheats or cheat mods and only have this mod installed. This is why I am very confused about the unlimited ammo lol. Thanks.
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