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  1. I asked the crystal ball but it remained silent. Believe it should though.
  2. That's a definite possibility. Right now i'm wrestling with some issues on how to pick them talkers. Doesn't make sense to have one zombie answering to another across the screen.
  3. I fear it doesn't. Got some fancy errors as well that tell me nothing. warning C7583: Initialization of uniform variables requires #version 120 or later and a couple of warning C7011: implicit cast from "int" to "float"
  4. That ...is ...magnificent. The program already loops over the events in the metatable, couldn't a 'table.remove' for all nil entries just do the trick? Like this: Oh and the boys would like to have a word:
  5. Sweet Jesus. How much of the whole map is that?
  6. Forgive my ignorance but this hellish program of yours could also be written in mayan for all that i understand of it. But i believe that should do. To give this some context: I want to simulate a dialog between two zombies. Right now it will fire both 'Say()' at the same time. I'd like it to be 1st 'zombie:Say("Text")' --> wait until the line has faded out --> 2nd 'zombie:Say("Text"). So basically as you said, measure the ticks it takes for the 'Say()'-texture to fade and then insert a loop into your program that counts them down before executing the second 'Say()' command. Come to think about it, it should be possible to set the non-existence of this texture as an object as the condition for the loop to stop.
  7. Seems like a handy tool then, this modloader. A good idea and a couple of pediatric diseases. Reminds me of Windows - except for the good idea. :cool: I'm not using the steam-version yet and will do so only kicking 'n screaming. Although playing with fire is extremely tempting.
  8. Darn. That is so true. But thinking about it i probably just link it. This way i don't have to update when you add utilities.
  9. Ahoy there, fancy pants. I be workin' on me own custom profession with lots of monkey business. This is what i have me done so far: A pet parrot who is wary of incoming zombies. A handy little bugger indeed; remember to feed him or else he might give yer reason to be alarmed.The SLASHMASTERâ„¢ lower arm prosthetic with top-notch PnP-technology for some serious knife-business.The true art of swordfighting which is kind of like making love: It's not always what you do but what you say. Press 4 and see, but beware of zombies who are wittier than you.Speaking zombies and some all-time favourite references to the best graphic adventures of the early 90s. Extract into game-folder. Now go and have jolly good time. Requires RoboMat's Utilities: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/930-lua-utils-modding Thanks to RoboMat and his excellent PlayerTaunt mod for guidance and inspiration. Also RegX, i took your lines for killing zombies as booty and i won't give 'em back. ...wait ...put down the hot tar. Let's handle this like the half-witted monkeys we are. Coming up next: VooOoodooOoo. Edit: This is supposed to be run and gun gameplay and the hook will stick to your hand no matter what. For those who insist on building or farming, i made it compatible to the Swap-Equipped hotkey here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1761-swap-primarysecondary-equipped Even though it defeats the purpose of being stuck with one weapon only. Also: fixed a typo so it will actually work. MightyPirateMod.zip
  10. What does that mean: 'lua has no wait function'?. Punk! Lua, that is. Loss of performance is a mere hunch. I had two or three 'OnTick' Events firing and some stutter when moving. Something i don't seem to have with vanilla but nothing i can definitely pin on the events. Thanks a lot. That will take time for me to compute. Self-delete doesn't sound like it's fit for re-occuring functions, right? Lol, the first example looks strangely familiar to something i tried. The one he calls 'Bad Bad Bad'.
  11. How could i execute a second chunk a set amount of time after the first one. As in: execute 1st chunk --> wait five seconds --> continue with 2nd chunk. Me thinks one way to go is to set a counter for an 'OnTick' or 'OnPlayerUpdate' event but both are a drag on performance.
  12. Well, right now they are inserted into every possible container in sububurbsdistribution.lua. But i guess kinyoshi is already searching for a way to spawn them on the floor. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1855-spawning-items-on-the-ground/ I'd just love to see them go beyond a mere food item. Something like this: Either get rid of it or put in a bag for a late-night snack.
  13. Great. This precious is one of my 'never withouts'. The line from They Live makes me giggle everytime. Too bad with the key though. I understand that the 'OnGameBoot' event in Shouting.lua will reset the entry. But that doesn't explain why it can't retrieve the changes after the game starts. It even applies them correctly to .../UserData/Zomboid/Lua/keys.ini. keyBinding.lua is sort of odd with its seperate tables for every value/key combination. Isn't it possible to define keyBinding ={} with an index of 230+ entries and then let the game retrieve the corresponding value? Out of my element here as Walter might say. Does the game even look up keys.ini?
  14. You probably haven't worked on this for a while, but still, thumbs up. The new shouting key isn't working with the .16 version. It tries to reach a certain position via 'keybinding[25].key'. Guess some keys have been added lately. I inserted a loop to pick the right key for the 'Shout (Player Taunts)' value. Alas changing the key in the options menu doesn't work for me. The new key is displayed but it retains the old one ingame. Any idea on how to make it stick?
  15. Who would do such a thing? Trying to suffocate yourself with them sounds odd enough. On topic: Eating insects as a matter of last resort seems strangely appealing. Moreover, deep-fried, honey-glazed grasshoppers aren't the worst of candy. Sweet and crunchy, like popcorn. Instead of distributing them into containers they could spawn randomly in the player's inventory and while inside do nasty things to his health and items. E.g. a wasp increasing stress or a roach making food items inedible.
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