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  1. Both warehouses in the picture of the map (near the farm to the west or Pony Roam-O doors don't open correctly due to wall, happens on all 4 warehouses
  2. Server is back up, running a solid 100/100 connection. Enjoy.
  3. Yeah, these are really awesome. Keep it up.
  4. Half created the intended spawn locations. You can now choose to spawn randomly, or in pre-defined key locations, such as the isolated house in MD, Police Station etc. There is also a spawn for "Fort Friendship" A survivor colony everyone is free to join. I haven't yet finished WP or TP spawns but I will add them in eventually.
  5. If you want it to run via steam, you can download steam CMD, a command line version for steam, that runs on OSX? Linux and PC. That way if you plan on running a public server, any old joe playing PZ can connect without having to edit their batch files to start the game. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD That's how I run my server Good luck and happy hosting.
  6. Server upgraded, I have a dedicated machine running this now - New IP found in OP, enjoy.
  7. World reset (items you had on your player should stay) - This was for the introduction of two new awesome mods, Hydrocraft and ApCom. Global chat has been disabled, you'll need to use radios to contact players that are outside your vision/hearing. Have fun!~
  8. We're now held up at Kate and Baldspots house, there is a huge log wall protecting it and the only way in is via a rope (or soon to be, as I'm in the process of building). Becareful around the area, as there is a huge 400+ strong horde waiting for brains.
  9. Updating to 33.6 - Give it 30 minutes or so. Then you haven't been around, I've been working on KOD: Zombies pretty consistently. EDIT: Server is back up. On a side note, because the server is now PvP free (Unless agree'd upon by both parties) there is a communal survivalist colony hold up in the MD North Warehouse. There are two rope entry spots, on the north and west side. Food in the vending machine. Stop by and live with me (the only one there at the moment) or if you need supplies, help yourself, just don't be too greedy and repay the debt someday. Cheers!
  10. Server is back up - Latest beta branch, check the main mondoid posts if you need to know how to update to the IWBUMS branch. cheers, Kaizo
  11. So you want to make a dense metropolis type of map and need buildings to help ease the burden?
  12. Post some pictures of the house please. A lot of people probably won't download it to look at it if there aren't any pictures. (Myself included)
  13. Thanks for your feedback. I wasn't aware of a cash register, I didn't know it was in the tileset haha, thanks!! I touched up the original general store: also: Also created a new one, inspired by the first, however, kept all iterations. GeneralStores_1_1v2_2.zip
  14. General Store - Small convenience/general store, with some storage and food. At some stage I'll go back to my OP and update all the images and download links to save people scrolling through my post spam. General_store_1.zip
  15. Small Doctors clinic DoctorsClinic_1.zip
  16. Have started work on more Aparments and office buildings. To Touched up the old office building and added grime/graffiti, also made windows uniform. I do plan on changing the outside wall, but for now I mostly use the same texture.
  17. Small hardware store includes main toolstore area, storage cupboard/stockroom and a small break out area, so you could technically hold up here if you felt like it, with a microwave! ha Small_hardwarestore_toolstore1.zip
  18. Continued work on my appartment complex - It takes a whole lot of time to furnish the damn thing, which I do as I go. Build a floor, furnish it, move onto the next level. I'm think it'll be 6 stories high, although I'd like to make it higher but I'm not sure how big a building can be/limitations of the engine. I tried to make each apartment unique, by rearranging most of the furniture and using different textures for each. First level: ​ Second level: I've uploaded the WIP files incase anyone sees a new way to approach it/change it. Cheers, kaizokuroof. ​​ ApartmentComplex_Practic2lvls.zip
  19. This is an absolute quality map. By far my favorite out of the custom maps floating around. A very solid and thoughtful tribute for your friends, I'm sure they'd be stoked that they meant so much to you. Keep up the great work, surviving in ND is a unique challenge and once again I commend you for your work.
  20. So it's been quite a while since I posted any screenshots or new buildings. I'm pretty confident with small 1 or 2 story houses, but when it comes to commercial or business I'm pretty scared at tackling them, mostly because of the time I need to invest getting it right. I'm looking for tips and such so if you see something that screams awful, let me know. Today I spent an hour or two working on an office building of sorts, something like a paper company - something boring and mundane. I'm happy enough for the amount of time I invested, but I want tips! First level: Second level: Third level: Roof access: Some things I personally think I could work on: - Uniform windows; the windows are all out of alignment, I'm not sure if this is actually a bad thing but I think it detracts from the outside appearance of the building and ruins the immersion that it's a "Real" office? EDIT: attached tbx files of multi story and another semi attempt. office_test.zip
  21. Hey, thanks for that - however, I've already seen this list. I figured it MIGHT be out of date and that I would ask away. For now I've just used poststorage so I'm hoping most of the loot will be scrapbooks and stationary. Thanks again but if anyone else has any ideas. I know you can create your own custom loot script, but I'm far too lazy for that at this stage haha.​
  22. Hey pals, I'm working ​on some more industrial/comercial type buildings, generic sort of stuff like office space and was wondering what kind of definitions for rooms you all use when working on such things. Obviously I don't want the loot system spawning in strange sorts of loot for an office building. Help appreciated <3
  23. Awesome man, real good for your first attempt.
  24. Yeah real cool, it looks like an interesting street.
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