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  1. If you are using steamcmd, remember to specify the beta branch; eg: app_update <pz app id number> -beta b41multiplayer - b41multiplayer
  2. Hey Everyone, Just a quick note - I have seen the update is out to increase the slots to 32 - There will be a world reset and a server update for both servers tonight at around 5:00 AEDT (5 hours from now roughly). I have no idea if I'll be able to run this many on the current hardware, but we'll find out!
  3. Typically the generic process is: 1) Log into router with administration credentials 2) Find the NAT/Port forward section 3) add the NAT/Rules 4) Proffffffffffffffffit! If you don't know what ports to forward the wiki says what you need or you can look in the server settings ini file. Wiki: Dedicated Server - PZwiki If you're hosting on the same machine and not via a dedicated server, you still need to port forward. UPnP is really shit/unreliable and honestly should be turned off if you give two shits about security >: )
  4. Hi Everyone, Another bump - I've added a second server into the mix! Enjoy!
  5. Hey Cha0man, Don't use the StartServer64Mp - Use the StartServer64.bat It'll take a few minutes to be online Enjoy
  6. You set it up, I'll host it on my infrastructure
  7. Update: 13/12/21 Thanks everyone who has joined and started to build the community - Since we saw so many people over the weekend and we weren't able to accommodate everyone, I've purchased some new hardware due in early next year. This hardware should be capable of hosting a few servers and eventually host the top end cap of players whenever that may be released. I'll be looking at implementing a whitelist sometime this coming week, so if you're not part of the discord and are playing on the server you may want to sign join the discord server, else you may find yourself locked out of it. Looking to reset the server sometime this week and perhaps implement loot respawn, might also be fun to experiment and try some completely wild settings for the server. Discord link: https://discord.gg/hDfDsTDBbe All that said; super cool turn out, really didn't expect so many people to join, I think we're up to something like 38 players (and counting!) but very happy to see what we can do here to build an awesome community for the foreseeable future! Original Post:
  8. Updated all the suburban houses with polish and fixes. I hope to improve the standard quality of all future buildings. The fixes include: - Lighting for each room either by switches, and or desk lamps. - Fixes for broken tilesheet, removed/replace the tiles with issues. - Added roof trim to all of the houses. - Fixed the broken roofs for a number of houses (I didn't know what I was doing... and still don't heh). - Fixed roofs with broken tiles I also began work on Internal and External shots of every building file made thus far - still 15 or so to go so haven't updated this yet, but I'll make sure to take my time and do this for all future additions. The previous set of buildings can sill be downloaded from the post above. The commercial buildings still need a bit of work but are still available regardless. If you notice any issues, feel free to mention them and I'll fix it, or eventually notice the issue at some point (hopefully) and fix it. KaizokuroofBuildings_21_04_21.7z
  9. Hello - It's been some time since I last posted... Like a long time, but I'm still going, very slowly lol. I've taken external shots of all my buildings now, with a few more houses and some variations on the stores. I've also made some farmhouses. Some of them need to be fixed up, and if you see any ???? in the screenshots, it's simply my current tileset that I will fix, they should all work if your tilesets are correct. Small Doctors Clinic External Doctors Clinic Internal: Farmhouse 01: Farmhouse 02: General Store(s) Hardware Store - In a similar vain to the above stores. Multi Story Office (WIP) Internal shot of a WIP office space: SuburbanHouses - Note that a few do have some issues I'll go back and fix, as well as touch up specifically on the roofing. All houses seen here are furnished with none of them having the 'same' furniture placements. And if you'd prefer to browse in Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/eFOFe7v And Finally, a current pack with all buildings - Including AtoxWarriors fix for my original apartment complex (Thanks bro, it's an honor you fixed it for me) - Also oops, I spelt Apartment wrong, but it stays >:^ ) Kaizokuroof_Buildings_15_04_21.7z
  10. Both warehouses in the picture of the map (near the farm to the west or Pony Roam-O doors don't open correctly due to wall, happens on all 4 warehouses
  11. Server is back up, running a solid 100/100 connection. Enjoy.
  12. Yeah, these are really awesome. Keep it up.
  13. Half created the intended spawn locations. You can now choose to spawn randomly, or in pre-defined key locations, such as the isolated house in MD, Police Station etc. There is also a spawn for "Fort Friendship" A survivor colony everyone is free to join. I haven't yet finished WP or TP spawns but I will add them in eventually.
  14. If you want it to run via steam, you can download steam CMD, a command line version for steam, that runs on OSX? Linux and PC. That way if you plan on running a public server, any old joe playing PZ can connect without having to edit their batch files to start the game. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD That's how I run my server Good luck and happy hosting.
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