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  1. Hello people, I've been working on a map for a couple of months now and decided to share what I have so far to see what people think so far. I have created about 200 unique residential buildings so far (which can be downloaded in the building share section) and a number of commercial/services. This screenshot of the map is the first of the outlying suburbs. The map is almost to scale and is a 30km by 30km chunk of a real location. If I continue at my current rate I predict I can finish it within 7-10 years Unfortunately a screenshot of this size is about 30mb for PNG and 9MB for jpeg and it doesn't appear that I can embed from imgur for some reason, so here is a screenshot of it lol Any suggestions for taking better shots are welcome, as this was stitched together with paint. Cheers, KR
  2. No you cannot edit the map/map files as they are not stored in the required format to edit. There is a post in the resources section of the mapping forums and download SOME of the original vanilla map files, however, from memory it's purely the residential buildings and not any of the services and such.
  3. Hello, not sure what you mean by rotate pre-existing vanilla buildings. If you mean ones already on the base map, then no, but the source vanilla residential buildings are available on the forums if you simply want the buildings files. To rotate a building, you need to do so in BulldingEd. Open up the building you wish to rotate and head up to 'Building' -> 'Rotate Left' or 'Rotate Right'. If you have your buildings setup correctly, it should rotate everything. Do note that not everythign can rotate and any tiles placed in tile mode will be removed outright. Certain furniture options also don't have specific directions, so be sure to check that also. Like so: to something like this:
  4. Thanks friend, I totally missed that - It's labeled tool-fence! Here is the chainlink fence if you'd like to add it to your tools, note though that I haven't added gate support (not sure if it matters). Simply add this to the end of your file, or somewhere inbetween if you want it in order fence { label = 'Tall Chainlink', west1 = 'fencing_01_58', west2 = 'fencing_01_59', gate_space_w = 'fencing_01_58', gate_door_w = 'fixtures_doors_fences_01_16', north1 = 'fencing_01_56', north2 = 'fencing_01_57', gate_space_n = 'fencing_01_44', gate_door_n = 'fixtures_doors_fences_01_17', nw = 'fencing_01_60', post = 'fencing_01_61' } Enjoy
  5. Hey Bud, Try with just a single colour on your veg map. Dark grass for example. Also if you're finding the written guide hard to follow, Daddy Dirk has some videos, from building rambles to actually putting your map together, including explanation of the exact feature you're having issues with. Daddy Dirkie dirk - YouTube Good luck.
  6. Hello all, I've been through the docs folder included with Tiled/TileZ etc, but haven't been able to figure it out. Is it possible to add additional tiles to the 'fencing' tool within Tiled? This is the tool I am talking about: I understand that I can simply stamp fences, but it would be great to have tall chainlink fences for convenience. Help appreciated!
  7. Make sure to turn of anti-aliasing in whatever image editor you're using, as this will adjust the values of the colours and so your tool won't recognise them.
  8. I've been mappin' here's what's new... Western facing garages Southern facing house: Because I needed western facing houses, I've begun some work on them. They are a little bit hard to see that they are western, because I usually attach a back door to the laundy, some of these are on the eastern side, but looks less confusing when driveways etc are added.
  9. Finally, here are community service buildings.. Doctors Clinic: School: Police Station Fire Department Shopping Center (WIP)
  10. I've been mapping, here is what is new... Western facing suburban houses count: 1 xD Two Story Suburban Houses: Farm House 2 story houses:
  11. I've been mapping, here's what's new... Southern Suburban facing house count: 15
  12. I've been mapping here is what is new... Some old buildings in this mix, updated their roofs and fixed minor issues with them. North Suburban Home count: 11
  13. I've been mapping here is what's new... Some of these were existing buildings that I updated. Some of the more boring/wrong roofs were remade and some small fixes here and there. I've also updated the naming scheme so that these are easier to place as lots. East house total: 14
  14. I've been mapping... Here are some garage/sheds, varying sizes - 19 of them. Few minor issues that I will resolve later (fix the tileset).
  15. I don't believe it possible. The processor architecture on the pi4 is Arm64, but the game is traditionally 32 or 64 bit compiled. Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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