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  1. Hey guys, I was gonna post something about mods that someone else had posted but that didn't seem to work, but...... CaptainKaspar is right and the old way of doing the server settings still works and that's located in your steam folder...... steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid and in that folder theres an application called PZServerSettings and it has a little icon of three scratches or something(guess it's a zombie scratch) and you double click on that application and you'll get a little window and it has all of the settings to change weather, zombies, item weapon and food adundance and other things like server time and weather and all those things and it works cause I tested it a couple of times with slow shamblers and fast sprinters and also with loot adundance and it seems to work. Thanks CaptKaspar! I read the main post in the multiplayer section written by the devs(I think) and it shows all this java jargon and I guess that makes it sound all techy and stuff but this way is easier to set settings. But......we're still missing how to add MODS to the server. I tried several different ways from several different people and what they posted but nothing seemed to work and it would just crash the server cmd prompt that comes up. It would scroll through all the mods and say that they failed to load or that they need downloading and it would just crash. Once I deleted all the stuff that I had done from the other post suggestions the server worked again. So we're still needing someone to show us how to include those MODS that people put so much effort into so we can enjoy them all. Cause I'd rather be using a mod that gives me an small arsenal of guns and other equipment than just a pistol, a shotgun and now a rifle that I can't find yet I guess. You don't think the devs don't want MODS in the game do you? hmmmmm, makes them look bad doesn't it? that regular people can make a mod to better the game and the devs can't.........(scratches head) I figured the game would be bulging with items and weapons and stuff and other things after a year of not playing and I was surprised that only a few MODS can include so much....... Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  2. when you mean "zomboid" what do you mean? "zomboid" as in Project Zomboid or "zomboid" as in the folder C:\users\Zomboid? cause I can follow some of the folder directions but when you say zomboid it can mean either in the Zomboid folder in users in the C drive or the Project Zomboid folder that's in the steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid folder. can you go through the instructions again cause I tried what you said and it doesn't work and the server CMD prompt just crashes cause it can't find the mods. when I didn't have any mods on the server CMD prompt stay on and the regular server worked fine. just go through it again and make sure it works for the latest patch 33 I think. Thanks
  3. anyone else? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? don't be shy guys. if the devs have made a page where they explain stuff someone link it here cause they just post what's new or what bugs got fixed but everything else gets F'd up. they post things like; fixed bug where guy farts when he reads fixed man going through wall bags can no longer carry items bags can no longer be carried on back fixed texture 23042349 on jpeg 190 on item #24234 bears no longer appear in town pixels won't spontaneously combust anymore you know stuff like that. instead they need to have a page(someone link it if it exists and put my foot in my mouth) where it says fixed this and here is how to mod and setup servers.
  4. I found out after a year of not playing PZ that the server setup has changed drastically but I figured it out after finding this link and after hours of wasting time online and on forums. http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/517142892048933346 http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/517142892048933346/ (wrote it twice in case the blue link thingy didn't work) It's pretty easy setup and it explains how to setup non-Steam and Linux also. Just read and follow it word for word. But, since this creates a new pzserver folder and another folder that's called ProjectZomboidDedicated folder in your steamapps\common\ directory, I don't know where the server settings are. There is or was and or still is a Zomboid folder in your C:\users directory which has server files and folders which were used(I think) for the old PZ builds but now there's more folders in different places that all seem to be used for PZ servers or the setting up of it but I don't know which I'm supposed to use for the server settings in order to setup the server in terms of how the zombies and the world behaves in-game and how and where to incorporate the many mods, that have been painstakingly made by players, into the server. So, if the devs or anyone who has figured it out, we, the players, need... PZ server settings A dummies guide for modding PZ servers with detailed explanations please cause we don't all have astrophysics degrees in computer-java code-academy language. Thanks in advance cause this game is made for multi-friend server type people(like Minecraft used to be) so this will help out a ton of frustrated people out there. PS All this constant changing of things is going to kill a fine game.
  5. I just downloaded build 26 and I noticed the join server addition. I want to host a server on my lan with my other computer. How do I go about that? I know my IP address and I put it on there and the port but the other computer says connection failed. Is there a tutorial about all of that?
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