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  1. Just wanted to say i encountered a zombie with 2 large weapons on its back.
  2. Do bobby pens spawn in the current version?
  3. Really good fix but it is a shame about the equipment icon.
  4. It´s weight is 0.01 so I would say its lighter
  5. Nelolis

    Unable to import

    I did some poking around and I was able to get the first mod to work (just called it base and added them together.) . But I am still unable to import anything from camping I wanted to use a WoodenStick in a recipe but i have to add that item to the module im making to get it to work just seems like a strange wok around to me.
  6. Nelolis

    Unable to import

    Yes that works too. But I still cant get it to import more then one module. I had a recipie that i need items from Hunting and camping for but it wont let me import them. I was able to get just Hunting to import into furnfood
  7. Hey whats the zombie apocalypse with out eating and drinking from thoes old tin cans? But I do think i need to redo the weight. A Mugs weight empty is 0.1, 0.2 with water, holding 1 water unit and a staggering ammount of 1 with coffee or tea (sweetened with lead i guess). A bowl has 0.5 empty weight, full 1.2 and holds 2 water units. A waterbottle and popbottle has an empty weight of 0.1 and a full weight of 0.8 and holds 10 water units. The Kettle is probly the best with a empty weight of 1 full weight of 0.3. A Pot is 1 empty 3 full and holds 25 water units. The bucket empty weights 1, full 4, and has 32 water units. I was thinking of changing the weight of my cants to Pop/tuna cans too 0.05 empty 0.15 full, and 1 water unit. Tin cans to .1 empty, .2 full with 2 water units. Right now they are at Pop/tuna 0.1 empty, 0.2 full, and 1 water unit.Tin cans 0.2 empty and 0.5 full, and 2 water units.
  8. Nelolis

    Unable to import

    I was able to import items from another mod but not those two. I named them both module Base and they worked fine.
  9. Nelolis

    Unable to import

    No it kind of looked that away, but my other post had to do with how the game loaded the base files and loading new items over the old ones(took a long time but I figured it out). In that one I was trying to get my rewored itmes to be used insted of the games. My problem here is that it will not load my items from the other module.
  10. Nelolis

    Unable to import

    I seem to be unable to import items from other modules. I just cant figure out why it wont work tryed it a few ways but dont know why it wont work. Maybe someone else can see what I have done wrong. This is my code module one: module two:
  11. Ok I have now figured out how it works. And got it to work. Figured it out by changing the names between a and z. 1. I had changed the name of my orginal file from TinCans to emptycans 2. This put it under the newitems.txt file so when it loaded the files it loaded newitems.txt first then TinCans.txt so the item from TinCans.txt was the active item. 3. Sub folders under media/scripts changes the load order. Again thanks everyone for all the help. Now I can eat my Dogfood (or dump out rotten food for the can) and get my can too!
  12. LOL. Yeah thats why that that isnt working.
  13. Nope tryed that. Every time i tryed to name a mod something other then Base it never works. I just reinstalled PZ and now i cant get any new mods i make to work even something thats just one recipe like this.
  14. And I was wrong it did not fix it I still had newitems.txt renamed saw it changed it back still does not work.
  15. Yeah that about sums it up. But i have "Fixed" it. Works: Will not work any of the module: I have done it to a few vanilla items and I had no problems up untell this point. Guess I will mark it solved. Thanks everyone for the help on trying to solve it.
  16. My file is named "emptycans.txt"
  17. It seems a fresh install fixed his problem. I have done that a few times and it doesnt help. The only sure way to fix it is to change newitems.txt file name. Maybe i should just say that Vanilla By Kinyoshi is needed for it to work.
  18. Yeah I had already tryed that. did not work. Thanks
  19. Everything works just fine but the DogfoodOpen. I am only useing the Base game files and items. first item in the code TunaTinOpen when i eat the can of tuna i get a TinCanS back. But for Dogfood I should get a TinCanl3 but i get nothing. My problem is that any vanilla items i try and get this to change from newitems.txt wont change but items from items.txt do like the tuna can. I watned to add this to my P-38 Can Opener mod but sence i cant get the DogfoodOpen to work I dont see the point. Ways I have got this to work. Code:
  20. RoboMat both items I have listed are fromt he vanilla game but one is from items.txt and one is from newitems.txt. When I use a tuna can it gives me back the item I want it too but when I use a dogfood can it does not give me back the item it should. I also tryed it with an icecream and it did not give back the time I should eather. Items that i have changed in another module such as the pop can from items.txt work but not anything from newitems.txt Also i just renamed newitems.txt and the items worked i changed te files name back and it no longer worked.
  21. Tryed it did not work but thanks. This works just fine
  22. I have been trying to edit items from newitems.txt but the only way am able to do so is to change the orginal file also puting eveything from newitems.txt into items.txt works as well. I was able to do it with Vanilla By Kinyoshi as well. I am unable to figure out why I can not change the items normaly. Has anyone else had this problem or know what causes it? That is all I was trying to change I tryed it with icecream as well and nothing there eather.
  23. I have ran into a few sheds that have book shelves in them should I report them or is this not a map problem?
  24. Yes there is already a can opener in the game. But the reason to use this one is its size; it was made to go on dogtags. It could easily go around your neck on a leather thong, shoe laces, a bit of string, or you can carry around the large clunky normal can opener. I did make it for myself but wanted to make it available for everyone.
  25. Why did I make it? Because when I was a boy my father told me that I should always carry one and gave me his from the army. I still carry it with me to this day. And I liked the idea of making one for PZ and picked it for my first bit of modding.
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