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  1. Friend, just read this: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7642-different-zombies-tatics/page-2?hl=%2Btatics#entry114482
  2. Psst , gamma/contrast Ahem. We'll have none of your cheating around here is that a yes for candles?
  3. cold maybe not, but having a good night of sleep yes. and rocks you can find it in almost anyplace in floor, if you are walking some big distances in the cold, the extra weight of a blanket that you skip to carry can help you a lot.
  4. Yes, rocks are my friends, they keep my heart warm in the coldest of the nights. =D What i am suggesting is to grab some stones and put then on the fire, after they are hot you can put then besides some cloth or pillow and get a nice and warm night even after the campfire fire ends.
  5. something cool is also finding a grinder to re sharp your axe or knife. And making spears of just wood.
  6. Since there will be some hunting in the game, could be a way of making candles of the animals fat, or from a bee´s hive? (you can also eat the honey).
  7. isn't the most utility option in the game, i totally agree, but would make looting more practical.
  8. Hello again, is it possible to add an option in the loot interface that hides clothes? It would help a lot while looting corpses. Something that can be easily turned on or off. Thanks for the time.
  9. Hello everyone I would like to ask how about adding another option to the difficulties on the game. Nothing that the game doesn't have already. You see, on sandbox you can pretty much customize almost everything, something that it is very cool. But how about adding a timer that i can select, on game time, when one difficulty changes to another. For example, on sandbox we can select the Shamblers, Faster Shamblers and Sprinters. How about making an option that can selected how much time a Shambler becomes a Faster Shambler, and the same time again for becoming Sprinters, or not. The same could be added for the zombies resistance and etc.
  10. Ok deprav, all the cookies are cooked, and we have all underpants, i think it´s time to phase 2; Then Phase 3 and PROFIT! The hole explanation is here. How about now we get the ideas and show then at the compilation that it's on sticky? But we must show one at the time, but these are your ideas, and you must do the honors, i ll help you to defend them.
  11. Man, i was reading about it, damm, looks like a good idea. I liked.
  12. Was a concern for me, and for the looks like it, many people liked the idea. I admit, i would never think about planting cotton and making my own clothes, or carpentry, i would just drag furnishings from other houses. But if i wanted i would like to have the opportunity to do it. For me that's the hole idea of this game, to live what you always wanted in a zombie apocalypse. And and about mining, i was asking nothing more that some outcrop rocks in the game, or a abandoned quarry.
  13. Ahh yea, im not saying that you have to make a house of just concrete, man that would be epic but totally masochist. I was thinking to make a brick (clay bricks, ones mixed with cement) wall with concrete between the layer of bricks, then overlay the wall with concrete. And finally add some concrete girders. I would even suggest that when you break a wall with the sledgehammer, had a chance of dropping some bricks.
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