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There is a distinct lack of a dedicated creativity thread on these forums. I'm sure the Zomboid community has a huge plethora of artistic types out there, so here's a nice, snug, warm thread for y'all to flex your creative muscles in. Here are some suggestions for posting:

  • Put it in spoilers! Whether it's art or literature or anything else, stick some spoiler tags around it (like so

    just put '[spo.iler] your content [/spo.iler]' without the apostraphes

    ) so that we don't get massively clogged up.

  • Be lovely! Constructive criticism is always welcome, but don't risk the mighty banhammer by being a nasty git (Enigma always has an itchy banning finger. Always).
  • Be prepared to share! Commenting on other's work is great, and you are fantastic for doing it, but be sure to share any work, big or small, no matter the genre or style. We 
  • Everything is art! It doesn't matter what you do, whether it's painting or animation or videos or blogging or short stories, we want to see it!
  • Quote or put @whoever in the first line of any commentary! That way we know who you are critiquing and it makes it easier for anyone else to respond.

So get sharing guys!


N.B. If any of our lovely mods think this would be better elsewhere, I apologize for goofing. I didn't know whether to stick this in General Discussion or Community and Creativity (cos that was specifically PZ stuff).

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