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Rain Gear

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Where I live, it rains a lot. And it comes down sideways.


But that doesn't stop us from going outside. We don't get soaking wet and catch a deadly cold, even though the temperature and wind chill can be pretty nasty, like hypothermia levels.




Because in our rain forest area along this stretch of coast on Vancouver Island, we use Rain Gear.


So when I am in the game and a light drizzle is keeping my character indoors instead of carrying on, I find this rather immersion breaking.


Because even the poorest of us around here can jury rig some rain gear with a few plastic garbage bags or even grocery bags with a hole for the face as a rain poncho that keeps us dry and warm in our core while our pants, shoes, and hands get damp.


But first chance I had, I got water proof boots, a rain jacket, rain pants, a dry sack for my hiking pack and ziplock bags. Heck, my rain gear is even tear proof, accidentally had a drill slip and run across in once on a construction site and it just had a few nicks and a broken zipper afterwards that was a easy enough fix. And a proper rain poncho has a great second use as a small tent cover.


So, my suggestion for the game, there be durable warm rain gear jacket, pants, and boots in the game that even acts as a bit of protection from zombies if it is of high enough quality, and the ability to jury rig a rain poncho out of a few garbage bags and perhaps some duct tape if it needs more than that - and that it can be torn when moving through trees, over a fence, through a broken window, or the most obvious culprit in this game, a zombie attack (grab, claw, bite, etc).







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Thank you and sorry I didn't post to the already existing thread which for some reason I didn't acquire in my search of the forums. I searched for "Raingear" "Rain Jacket" , whoops, should have searched for "rain coat". So again, thank you for the link.


Should I re-post in that thread too?

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The developers are aware of the existence of rain gear in real life, and are planning to implement it at some point, among other sorts of new clothing.


Thank you, I am glad it is on their list of things to do, I will be over here waiting patiently.


Been watching their development for a while now when I first heard about it through a PC Gamer podcast IIRC, I first started using Desura pretty much just because they got on it and I am glad they are on Steam now and MP is being tested (with friends). They've come through so much :)

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