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Antique Stoves Can Kill Players Without A Hammer


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Version: 41.78.16 (Steam)

OS: Linux, Ubuntu, 20.04

Mods used?: No.


Method to reproduce the bug (in normal gameplay): In a brand new sandbox gameplay with no zombies, with a character with a strength level of 4 (Pick Firefighter with +1 Strength, then pick 'Feeble' negative trait for -2), be sure to also carry a starter's backpack containing roughly 9 encumbrance's worth of items, then visit any warehouse with an 'antique stove/oven' in crate inventory, and pick up 'antique stove/oven' into player inventory.


As it exceeds player strength capacity, the antique stove/oven will start doing damage. Right-click menu will not present a 'Drop' option for the oven, and the 'Place' option requires a hammer, meaning if the player does not have a suitable hammer, they are unable to get rid of the 'antique oven' from their inventory, resulting in an encumbrance death. The player is unable to pick up a hammer during this state, however, and must drop the backpack and an assortment of other items from inventory first, before they can pick up the hammer to place the oven.


Method to reproduce in debug mode: Sandbox mode, Firefighter with Feeble negative trait, Starter's kit enabled, spawn Antique Stove into player's inventory.


What did you expect to happen?: A 'Drop' option allowing the unassembled equipment to fall into an unassembled pile, or if it is already assembled, the 'Place' option not to have any requirements for placement. Additionally, game may also prohibit the obtaining of heavy items from crates that require specific items for placement, or in the event they pick up the heavy item  (E.G. via admin command) with a required placement mechanic, the game permits an exception and allows them to also pick up the required assembly tool regardless of encumbrance (if they can carry a several ton oven, they can also carry the lightweight hammer to assemble it).


Do you have any other suggestions?: I feel like the game should force the character to automatically drop heavy items if their health falls below a critical threshold so they can't die (as an overall safeguard). It seems pretty absurd a person would be strong enough to both hold onto a very heavy item without letting go and also not strong enough to avoid being crushed to death by it.


Screenshots are from debug mode replicating the bug. Note lack of 'Drop' option and the requirement for a hammer.

Screenshot from 2024-03-28 18-03-53.png

Screenshot from 2024-03-28 18-04-41.png

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On 3/28/2024 at 8:28 PM, Hugo Qwerty said:

You can't die from being over encumbered

Fair. I've never tried to intentionally die from encumbrance and had assumed the damage was perpetual.


Even so, the fact it greatly impedes movement will make a player vulnerable to zombies.



(& you can just put it back in a crate).


Not the point of this thread. It is a bug that needs to be reported (I'm not looking for a solution). All other items can be dropped. I suspect the antique oven was missed in having a drop option.

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