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Can’t play at all…


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I’ve been interested in getting a pc to play this game for a very very long time, I even bought the game on a crappy laptop just to pre have it for the day I finally get a pc that can run it and I now think I have. First thing I did was download the essentials and try to play zomboid for the first time and it just says running with no display or way to see the actual game at all. I’ve been on YouTube for hours now doing absolutely everything I can find to get it to work but nothing. I’m begging for some help at this point. Added pic are the computer specs as well. E4FFC8AC-D848-48B2-8067-25F388938F8D.thumb.png.71c5a8c981a5a8a694a90b6800734af0.png

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Can you try using the "Alternate launch" option when launching the game through Steam? If the game fails to start again, can you share your console.txt file, found in C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid?

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