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[41.78.16] Thumpable behind non-thumpable wall causes zombies to get stuck


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When all possible paths to a target have at least two thumpable obstacles in the way, zombies will begin trying to run through walls with a thumpable behind them, getting stuck. In general, having more than one thumpable between the zombie and player appears to introduce bugginess in pathfinding.

- Version: 41.78.16

- Occurs in SP and MP

- N/A

- Custom buildables, weapons mod; occurs with no mods as well
- Occurs on a new save

- Reproduction steps:
1. Go into the game with apocalypse settings
2. Hole yourself up and put at least two tiles of thumpables between you and any zombies outside
3. Put a thumpable behind a non-thumpable wall

4. Spawn zombies outside
5. Zombies will behind to pile on the indestructable wall with the thumpable behind it.

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I thought it might've already been known. But the zombies still for some reason get stuck when all possible paths to a target have at least two thumpable obstacles in the way. I couldn't find that bug reported anywhere. 

Does any one know about the pathfinder in Zomboid? Im planning to make a java mod that will fix this bug temporarily since I like to play with horde night and this exploit is easy to accidentally abuse

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