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Dup in Single Player, inconsistency with saves


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I'm playing Single Player on a new save (from oct-27th)
Version - 41.71.16 (Steam), no beta, no mods
I surely had a item dupped.

I usually unequip my backpack while home, then I decided to go to a small trip on the other part of the city.  Got it, packed with more stuff and went to the trip.  I remember that when I was getting on the car to go I had to stop the session and come back later, saved probably on the car (or in front of it), carring the military backpack half full of stuff.  Spend about 3 days out, then I came back with it and another large backpack, this is probably 3 saves/loads as well.  When I came back, I dropped both different bags (military and large) on the ground to sort later.  Sorted them, and after finishing I realized that I had 2 military backpacks (which I hadn't before) and it is 100% a dup because both of them have a notebook called Notes, with the same written content, my notes, of course.


I don't know how to properly replicate because I noticed only later.  Judging by the contents of the right one, I would bet that was the original that I had on the ground before starting to pack to the trip, the one that I'm equiped had loot from the trip.

I also noticed some inconsistency with saves and time, like saving it 9am and coming back 4am, this definetively happened.  Also missing zeds on the area, lost a big group that I was luring, but had to close the game, when I came back, puff, all gone.  I probably skipped a day also, I like to play writing like a diary for my character, storytelling for myself, and it is very likely that the game skipped aug-20th.


These days internet was a bit unstable, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is related to some desync between cloud and local saves (not sure if this can happen, but it is worth mentioning).


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